Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ring Test

This past weekend was wonderful! It was so great to be able to spend such quality time with such special girls in my life! I need to upload my pictures from all the events of the weekend... but I just wanted to update you on one little detail from the weekend.

At Mindy's Baby Shower for Daisy.. our friend Heather, decided to do the "ring test" on me, to predict what gender the precious baby is that is growing inside of me right now as we speak. According to this ring test, I am growing a baby girl, only to be followed by a boy and then another boy. I was only planning on getting pregnant twice. So, I am not so sure about that! :) However, not only did we perform this test on me, but we did it on every mom that was there.. and it was accurate on every one of them! CRAZY! And it was accurate on Daisy growing inside of Mindy.

Obviously, I have NO idea how this works. And if it really will be accurate. But I just want to make sure and put it on record that the ring test predicts we have a precious little girl inside of me. Probably around week 20, we will know whether or not its true! :)

Pictures and more about the weekend to come!


Matt and Shara said...
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Perry's Pages said...

ok, so you didn't tell us how to do the ring test! i think it's cute how every time you talk about the baby, you do refer to it as "her." very sweet! i can't wait to have one-- hope you don't mind my reading about your new wonderful life!