Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Baby- 7 weeks

This is the fun update on our precious one this week:

The pathways of respiration and digestion, the trachea and esophagus, separate into two distinct tubes for different purposes and the lungs are developing on either side of them. There is growth and maturation in her extremities and eyelids nearly cover her eyes. She can actually move her limbs and her head begins to become more erect.

The umbilical cord, the conduit through which oxygen, nutrition and waste materials pass into your body, is formed by the seventh week of pregnancy. The nerve cells in the embryonic brain stretch out, touch each other and form the early synaptic nerve pathways. Her brain is also starting to take shape as the lobes of the cerebellum can be seen through the transparent cranium bones. It is believed that every minute, 100,000 nerve cells are being created! The brain will continue to develop until the baby is 18 months old.

Still totally amazing! Remembering what is going on in my body, makes all the outward changes to my body so worth it. I had a slight emotional breakdown/ temper tantrum last night. I was starting to plan what I was going to wear for all the fun activities that lie ahead this weekend back in Oklahoma. I just knew what I was going to wear to Amanda's Bridal Luncheon.. it was a really cute dress that I bought my birthday weekend in Memphis. A dress that I wore to my friend Stacy's rehearsal dinner, the last weekend in June. That was about 3 weeks ago. It does not fit anymore. One certain part of my body that I really did not want/ need to grow.. has grown. It was pretty devastating to me. I guess I just really didnt expect my body to change so much so quickly. And it has... I am going to be making some changes next week.... there will be a much more regimented exercise program and lots more fruits and veggies. I am glad my mom was here..she was very supportive, although I am sure she thought I was being a bit exaggeratory.

Its all for a good cause.


Matt and Shara said...

Oh, sweet sweet Dan!! Yes, the physical changes come quickly, and I have to say that though exercising and eating right are so great for you...they're not going to stop the inevitable changes that are coming! You really, really have got to get this book: "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy." It's been my lifesaver, and I laugh so hard every time I pick it up. Trust me on this one! :)

The McClures said...

Don't worry about it Dan! Everyone changes and it is for a great cause! :)

reeseann said...

haha one of my best friends told me i had to start one. i hope everything has gone okay this week while craig has been gone!