Saturday, July 12, 2008

Date Night

How many times in my life am I going to have trouble with the cable companies? Today was a very frustrating day with Resort Cable in Hot Springs. I just want my wireless internet to work. I dont want to forever have to sit on the floor of my bedroom just to use the internet. After being told everything would be taken care of by 7 pm Friday night... it was somewhat complete at 5:30 pm tonight. Aaah. So frustrating.

I have been what I would like to call, "a bit moody" lately. I am trying not to be. And I am really hard trying to implement my new personality of being laid back. But then this frustrating things happen.

Tomorrow, I will be better.

Craig and I did have a nice dinner, just us tonight. We went to his favorite restaurant in Hot Springs. Craig and his family have embraced their heritage and love German food. I have had somewhat of a negative attitude towards German food, probably because I have never really eaten it. I decided when we found out that we were pregnant, that I was going to eat it and enjoy it, so that Baby Smith would too enjoy it. Well, tonight, it was REALLY good. I am so glad that we went. And I am pretty sure Baby Smith LOVED it too!

Mom flies in tomorrow. She is hanging out with me while Craig and all the kids are at Falls Creek. It is really really hard on me, that I can not go. When I married Craig, I said my number one job is to support him and his ministry. And because of circumstances, I cant. And that is really hard. I need to be at camp with him and those students. I know that God is going to do tremendous things and I will be here. Although, I am very thankful for the time that I am going to be able to spend with my mom.

I have lived alone ever since college, but now that I am married, and used to living with someone, I have no desire to be at home by myself. So, I am soooo glad mom is coming to keep me and Raley company!!