Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Baby- 6 weeks!

Many of you have been asking about our baby this week! I have most definitely been feeling the effects of being pregnant. I have never been so tired before in my life. I mean, I have thought I was tired before, but nothing like this. My sister in law, Amy, said it best.. "There is no tired like pregnancy tired." She is NOT joking. My body is definitely changing to get ready for the big change. There are parts of my body that normally do not hurt and that hurt. And are most uncomfortable at times that you really wish you were comfortable. I used to think I went to the bathroom alot. It has tripled. Seriously, I go to the bathroom ALL the time. Even when I think there can not be any more liquid inside of me. I still go. I am supposed to sleep on my left side, but I seem to think that sleeping on my left side makes me have to go even more. It might just be in my head. But seriously... I have never had to think about fiber in my diet before (this may be too much information.. ha), but adding fiber in my diet has become a necessity. Its just so strange to me all the changes my body is ALREADY doing, so early on.

But what you are all wondering about.. our precious miracle... here's Baby Smith's update:

At 6 weeks, the beginnings of the eyes start to take shape on the side of the head, along with rudimentary ear canals. Eyelids begin to form and the eyes, about the size of the dot on this page, contain a lens, iris, cornea and pigmented retina. The face continues to form as the tip of the nose starts to develop. The baby's brain and nervous system are growing very quickly. While you are pregnant, your baby will be measured from crown to rump because it generally stays in a curled position. Right now, she is .08 to .2 inches long. Its' fluttering heartbeat is twice as fast as yours, about 140-150 beats per minute. Her arms start to lengthen and the elbow appears. Fingers can be seen and the feet are clearly separate from the leg buds. Even tiny toes start to appear.

How amazing is that. A baby that is not even .2 inches long has an elbow. And toes. Seriously, how do people not believe in God? Its just way way too amazing!


Tracy and Adam said...

Sarah told me yesterday your big news, which I did not know since I hadn't read blogs since the wedding. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am excited for you!!!!! I'm glad you're good at updating your blog. Yay for you and Craig!