Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Baby- Week 5

So I get this really informative email every week, telling me what is happening with my body and what is happening to my baby. It is really great, especially for people like me, who didnt focus that much in science class. So this email, with the combination of my super smart friends, Stacy and Mindy. I am going to be a well informed Mom.

This is what I found out about my baby this week:

All About Baby
This week your baby begins to form a "C" shape—with the beginnings of his head on top curving into what will become legs later. A tube visibly outlines the "C." This tube will eventually become part of your baby's brain and spinal cord. In the middle of the "C" the beginnings of your baby's heart are taking shape.

How Big Is Baby?
Your embryo is the size of a raisin, only 1/10 of an inch or 1.5 to 3 mm.

This is the fun fact that they gave me this week:

Fun Fact
Your mouth may be feeling the effects of pregnancy, too. Raised levels of hormones lead to swollen—and sometimes bleeding—gums. But another symptom is bizarre and so far unexplained: Many pregnant women experience increased saliva—spit. Gum or breath mints may help you dry out a little bit, but delivering your baby is the only real cure.

I dont know about you.. but I dont know if I consider this "fun". A ton of saliva while trying to interview has been interesting. :) But I am handling it well. I wonder if next week's fun fact will cover gas. I will keep you updated.

Love you all!


shara said...

Ha, I bet it will! :)

The McClures said...

HA! I am laughing so hard about your gas comment!!!

The Pink Potpourri said...

yah! i'm so excited you're having a baby! be sure to keep updating the blog, and post lots of pictures!!!