Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PG= Pregnant= ME!!!!!!!!!!

I know that the majority of my blog readers have been on my little email update list, so you know the fabulous news!!!

That is right... Craig and I are going to have a baby. That means there is this little miracle growing inside of me that is part me and part Craig. I really hope this little raisen (thats how big it is this week) has Craigs eyes. And his laid backness. But since that is my new personality trait... clearly our child will be laid back!

For our family members, I will be updating this blog instead of sending out mass emails! So check back to keep updated on the growth of our family.

Just a recap of the good news. Craig and I have been married alittle over 2 months and we are 5 weeks pregnant. I know that all of you had the thought cross your mind of how quickly we got pregnant. And I appreciate how you have not all pointed it out. Clearly, we both know the timeline and when we chose to get pregnant. Gods perfect timing. Cant argue with that. Many of you know how sure I was that I was going to have problems getting pregnant since my mom did. Combine that and that I had been on birth control for so long... I was SURE it was going to take a while to get pg. Well, according to my most fabulous wonderful doctor, Dr. Gordon.. once you get off birth control, you are HIGHLY likely to get pregnant. Who knew? She also threw in that the likelyhood that we would have twins was raised also. Interesting.

I was extremely anxious to get to the doctor today. I knew that blood work was going to take place. You know needles do not scare me and blood doesnt really gross me out.. its more my brain thinking about what is fixing to take place.. freaks me out. But I did decide that I MUST get over this. If I am going to have a child... I have to be a big girl. I was pretty strong. I did not throw up, I did not pass out. I did get light headed but I was in the "non stress" room, and was able to pull it together! I was so proud.

I have been extremely tired. But I have not had any morning sickness. I was pretty excited about this, but the doctor said that alot of times people dont start getting morning sickness until week 8. Dont worry, I will keep praying. I just really want to feel well the whole time!

Doctor wants me to drink 80 oz of water. Friends and family.. you know the size of my bladder. SMALL! I have already been going to the restroom more just being pregnant. Now with the addition of 80 oz of water, I will surely float away. I didnt get the full 80oz but 68 oz and that is pretty close. I dont think I will get much sleep tonight.. or I could just sleep on the toilet. We will see.

Thanks for all your prayers and support during this super fun time for us! Keep praying for a healthy laidback baby!


shara said...

LOL! You joke now about sleeping on the toilet, but let me assure you it will happen. You see, you get to where you don't even fully awake to go to the bathroom; you just wake up enough to walk....and at times, yes, you just might doze off!! Ahhh...the many joys of pregnancy! So glad you get to experience them! :)

Julie said...

you are too funny. i can't wait to continue to hear all about it. i'll live vicariously through and wait for raymond to be "sweet and gentle" to our own in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Congrats again!

Natalie said...

Congratulations, Danielle! What exciting news! :)

The Firestone's said...

congrats!!! its such an amazing experience-