Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go Celtics

Game 6. Go Celtics. Go.

This past weekend, Hot Springs felt even more like home. It was just a perfect weekend. Lots of time with Craig, which I cant get enough of. During the week, our evenings together just seem to fly by. There is just not enough time in the day.... maybe there would be, if we didnt have to sleep.

Craig and I hung out with some of our couple friends on Saturday night. It was really fun. I am really thankful that God has answered my prayers and provided at least a couple of girls around my age for friendships. He is so faithful.

Sunday, we had the entire staff over to celebrate my new friend, Corrie's birthday. She was surprised. We had a lot of fun. We laughed alot. We decorated the house. Craig and I even bought a Happy Birthday sign.. and she definitely had to wear a head piece that said birthday princess... thats right the Birthday Princess lives on in Hot Springs.

A couple of things that I have noticed about Hot Springs.

1. People here are RACIST. Its really hard to believe. I mean, Arkansas and Oklahoma are basically the same latitude (isnt that the word I am looking for)... and people here are so backwards in their thinking. It is very very very sad.

Example: Friday at work, one of our employees came in and started talking about politics... I have NO idea why... but he did.. and it ended just as I supposed... "Our country is not ready for a black president". I can tell you what... our country might be.. but Arkansas is not. Sad.

2. You know growing up in Edmond, anytime we needed to go into Oklahoma City, we were going to "the city". Thats what we would say at OBU too... it just made sense. Well I live now, where when people come to Hot Springs they are coming into "town". I guess "town" means absent of a Target.

But anytime you want to come to town.. you are welcome!