Saturday, May 31, 2008

almost two weeks

Tomorrow will be two weeks that I have not been feeling very good. And can I just tell you how READY I am to be feeling better!

It has been such a strange set of events, and I am doing everything in my power not to go to the doctor. All of my symptoms pointed in the direction of the possibility of being pregnant. Which was REALLY funny, considering how careful I was about taking my birth control. I mean Craig set an alarm on my phone and on HIS to remind me to take it at the same time each night. So, there really was NO possible way that I could be pg. But then I was reminded of how many times I thought people were not telling the complete truth when they said they got pregnant when they were on birth control. I always thought that they must be forgetting part of the story, like they forgot to take it or something. So, then I thought God could be showing his sense of humor in this circumstance. As I kept feeling worse and worse, Craig and I were actually ok with it if I was... it would be an easy explanation of why I was feeling the way I was feeling. But I was shown that I, in fact, was NOT pregnant. Which is also good news.. but leaves us with no explanation of my wierd symptoms. I have moved past the nausea and dizzyness. But the extreme tiredness has stayed. My throat has started to hurt and now I have a huge swollen gland on the right side of my neck, which is pretty uncomfortable. I feel like such an old lady when I go to bed at night.. I have to arrange my pillows in just the right way so that I dont stretch the swollen gland so that my whole neck and back wont be sore the next day. I feel like I am falling apart. But at the same time, I am determined to feel better without going to the doctor. Craig talked to one of our doctor friends and she said that it is probably some type of virus that I just need to wait out and it will go away. Thats what I am counting on! :)

I do feel like I have been such a bad wife though. I go to bed early every night, because I just cant stand to keep my eyes open any longer. And since I have new symptoms everyday, I know it is annoying to hear me keep complaining. I know my boss thinks he hired a hypocondriac (spell?). I am never sick. I guess I just got run down... I dont know?

Craig says I need to rest. But we have so much to get done. So resting really isnt much of an option. I did sleep late today. And I felt good about that, although I think I could have kept sleeping!

On a fun note, I had a Girls Night at our house last night. We had a pretty good turn out. And I was able to spend time with some of our really great girls! They are so much fun!!! I laugh so hard when I am with them! A couple of girls my age were able to come too! They are really wonderful! I am thankful that God has opened some doors to build friendships with girls my age in Hot Springs. I was so blessed in Oklahoma with such a large friend group, it was almost like I forgot how to be the new one and have to go out and seek friendships! God is faithful!

Craig and I are making the trip to Little Rock today to go and pick out some furniture with all of our Dillards gift cards from wedding presents! I am excited. The plan is to find a recliner that is not puffy but is still comfortable and pretty. Every man needs his own "chair". Although my family was never a recliner family... Craig deserves one. :) He feels bad about using all of our Dillards cards on him... but I told him that I could sit in his chair every once in a while! I also just might talk him into letting us stop at a Target in Bryant. You dont know how much you are going to miss that store until you do not have one!

My parents came over Memorial Day weekend and we made some more progress on the house. I did take some pictures, so I will get them up soon. Our house is definitely a home. I love it! It is now time for ya'll to come and visit us here in Hot Springs America!


mgoff said...

So glad girls night went well. Hope you are feeling better!

Craig said...

You are not a bad wife. You are just comparing yourself to me as a husband.

Of course you pale in comparison! Who doesn't?