Sunday, June 1, 2008

Doctors Appointment

So this morning, my husband was at church. And I was getting ready to go to church. And I received a text message saying I was going to have a doctors appointment in the 4 year old Sunday School class. Which was great. I have really not been wanting to go to the doctor. As in my past post, I have not been feeling well.. but really had no desire to go to the doctor. I just had a feeling that they MIGHT have to take blood and that freaks me out. So after KNOWING that I was not pg.. my next self diagnoses was that my body is just freaking out due to all the changes that have taken place in my life. No need to go give blood to get that diagnosis. So, I felt like a doctors appointment in a 4 year old Sunday School class would be safe. No blood would be shed. Instead, Dr. Ross was fantastic. He felt my neck with the swollen gland. And made me open my mouth and say "aaaaahhhh". He asked me if my swollen gland was "tender". I have never used that specific word to describe it.. I prefer the word.. uncomfortable. So after we discussed that, he told me that because my gland was tender, it was good. Evidently, the cancer that is common in people my age is leukimia and lymphoma, both of which start with a swollen gland. HOWEVER, it does not move around and it is not tender. Mine is both.. so we think I am in the clear for that. Which is GOOD, considering that was NEVER a thought in my mind! Mono.. maybe.. cancer, nope. Instead, he prescribed an antibiotic and told me that in ten days if it is not better (he thinks it is an infection).. then we will have to do some blood work and a biopsy. I really agree with him that it is an infection. The swollenness has already gone down some since earlier this week. So I am sure I am on my way to complete healing! :)


The McClures said...

Glad you are finally feeling a little better! I do have to say that it was kind of exciting to see the word "pregnant" used so many times in your post, I secretly wish that was the case! :)