Friday, April 4, 2008


As of 2:40 something this afternoon, I am officially unemployed. Strange but wonderful all at the same time. It doesnt feel real. But, I think that is how everything is feeling lately... not real. Its fun!! And it is real. I am unemployed because I am getting married and moving to Arkansas!! YAY! YAY!

So on my last day of work, I got to experience something new. I got to give a deposition for a workers comp case that is going to trial 4 days before my wedding. I was pretty nervous. I didnt really know what to expect. I had these TV images of lawyers and court and people yelling "OBJECTION!", etc.

So this is how it went down. First image was wrong. I had thought I would walk into this beautiful law office... nope. Everyone was in jeans (casual Friday)... and they meant CASUAL. And nothing was pretty. I was pretty disappointed. They took me down to the "Board Room". Well, I would say it was extremely outdated. Again, not what I pictured AT ALL! Oh well.

My Mr. Lawyer walks in, not in jeans but not in a suit either. We discuss the case. For some reason, I felt like I had alot of information that he did not have. Which I thought was strange, since I thought that was my corporate office's job and the insurance agency's job was to get that information to him. Regardless, it was a good thing that we had an hour before hand to go over it. My Mr. Lawyer, also had a bunch of information that I had not seen, which was EXTREMELY humorous to me. Evidently it is not just me that sees my employee has a liar... the doctors wrote some really interesting funny comments in their notes about Mr.Employee.

So the Ms. Court Reporter shows up. She has her lap top and then she has that little court reporter machine that you see in the movies. I was very disappointed once the deposition started that it did not make the clicking noises that I expected it would. And I told her I was disappointed when it was all said and done. :)

Then Mr. Opponent Lawyer shows up. He was who I was most nervous about. I already had my rebuttal in mind if he ended up talking to me like I was stupid. I wasted brain cells on that one. He walked in, approximately my age and pretty nerdy. I was NOT intimidated. Good. And boy, he was confused. The first thing that he said when he walked in, was "why are we here"....... hmmmmm... prepared? Nope. This will be a breeze.

First, Ms. Court Reporter told me that they wanted my picture so that they could show it at court or something. By the way, she had a super cute hot pink camera. I digress... So I kinda fluff my hair, to get ready for the picture. Mr. Opponent Lawyer and My Mr. Lawyer laughed at me. I asked them if they would like to be in the picture with me because I do not like to take pictures by myself. They said no. Oh well. I smiled in the picture. As soon as she took it, I second guessed the smile, was I supposed to be tough? Its too late now. I look friendly. So Ms. Court Reporter asks me to raise my right hand... you guys know.. my right and left do not come that naturally. And I raised (pretty confidently) one hand and then as soon as I got it up, I real quick check the "L" test. I was good. She asked me something about telling the truth, and I didnt know what the appropriate response was, so I said "Yes". I still dont know if that was the right response.

My Mr. Lawyer starts off asking the questions. I did great. (Although afterwards, he said the next time I did a deposition, I should let everyone finish their questions before I answered... it just makes it easier for the Court Reporters, he says. Oops) Then it was time for Mr. Opponent Unprepared Lawyer to ask his questions. It was fine, until he asks one question and My Mr. Lawyer says "Objection.. blah blah blah" I say blah blah blah because I have no idea what he said afterwards. So my eyes got big and I kinda whispered.. "what do i do???" It was VERY awkward. I dont think I am supposed to ask in the middle of the deposition, what am I supposed to do? But I did. He said if I knew how to answer the question, I could answer it... hmmm OK? I just kinda went around the question.

Mr. Opponent Unprepared Lawyer said he was done. Ms. Court Reporter started closing everything up, when Mr. Opponent Unprepared Lawyer came up with another question. So then My Mr. Lawyer came up with another question. This happened a couple of times and then we were done!

Pretty painless!!

Goodbye Peoplelink... it was a good time!