Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Marriage Month

FYI... for anyone wondering. It is officially Craig and I's MARRIAGE MONTH! In 16 days (because its past 2pm already)... we are going to be husband and wife. In fact, just yesterday, I was typing an email to the benefits lady at my corporate office and I wrote the word husband in reference to Craig!Oh my goodness, it was neat.

Friday is my last day of work. I took today off. I had one more personal day. And I was most definitely going to use it. Please. So, mom and I ran some wedding errands and then I was able to meet one of my bridesmaids, Denise for lunch at Teds. Yum. And FUN! I am going to miss that. And then mom and I worked on more wedding stuff. And then I cooked for my parents. Full day.

Oh, side note on Friday. I get to go to a lawyers office and give a deposition. So on my final day on the job, I get to learn something new. Fabulous. I dont really know what to expect. But I plan to be on my best behavior. I am slightly nervous though about my reaction if the other lawyer man talks to me like I am stupid. You know I dont deal with that well. And really all I know about lawyers is that their job is to intimidate. Well, I mean, thats what I perceive when I watch TV. And that is reality I am sure. But anyway, I am doing this deposition deal so I wont have to go to court 5 days before my wedding. Who knew that workers comp could be such a deal. Who knew that I would deal with such LIARS! I will let you know how it goes. But I promise, I will strive to be on my best behavior.

Craig doesnt have to work for a month starting tomorrow. He has been at his church for 7 years, so he gets his Sabbatical. He is going to Chicago for a couple of days and then he will be in OKC. I can not wait.

Well, American Idol is fixing to come one. I need to go watch. Mom and I picked up some American Idol ice cream for the occassion. Hungry Girl emails say they are good. And Hungry Girl does not lie!

Happy Marriage Month to All!