Friday, April 11, 2008

one week....

well, not officially... but i feel like i am going to bed pretty soon, so that means it is basically one week till the big day!

craig is at his little bachelor party. nice.

i am at my parents house. i am watching miss usa. because i am proud to be an american. so that means that everytime i get up, i feel like i need to walk as if i was miss usa. i am good. go miss oklahoma.

tomorrow morning, i have my bridal luncheon hosted by some pretty fantastic family friends. i am very excited to spend time with the majority of my very favorite girls. we are definitely going to miss my out of towner friends. definitely. then tomorrow night is my personal shower/bachelorette party... its a pink and black shower. seriously, do these girls know me! yep! i am very excited. pictures to come.