Saturday, March 8, 2008

Catch Up

Havent posted in a while.

Since the last post:

Everything is moved to Arkansas. I no longer own my house in OKC. A nice guy named Matt bought it. I hope he loves it. I told him he should love it. So I am sure he will. I get home and find out that three people were murdered about a mile and a half away from my old house. I got out at a good time, sounds like to me. Maybe Matt wont watch the news, and will just love the house. And maybe he will ignore the police helicopter lights in his bedroom windows at night. Maybe.Maybe.

The house in Arkansas is looking TERRIFIC! We got all the furniture arranged. Lots of pictures hung. It is really looking like a home. Pictures to come. I promise. Our bottom floor, remember the oh so beautifully painted pumpkiny throw up color room, is still in disaray. All of our wedding presents are waiting down there for us to actually be married so we can put them up! I cant wait.

I mean, as much as I cant wait to put up those presents, I cant wait to be MARRIED! Oh my goodness, it can not get here soon enough.

In fact, last night, Craig and I were talking about our honeymoon. Its a surprise where we are going... he thinks that I know. But I really do not. Last night I guessed Iwogeema (I have no idea how to spell that place), but this is why I guessed it. I had asked Craig if he had all of our days planned out. And he said that he had two things that he definitly wanted to do, and then had a list of things that I could choose from. He said one of the things that he definitely wanted to do had to do with history ( he loves history). So, thats why I guessed Iwogeema. I thought there was some kind of boat there that he could see. But I think I got that confused with Pearl Harbor.. or thats what he told me anyway. :) Bottom line, I dont know where we are going.. but I am EXCITED!

Speaking of being excited... another reason why I am excited... MINDY IS PREGNANT. There is going to be a Baby Goff. WAHOO!

Speaking of Mindy, I love my friends. Leslie came in town from Nashville this weekend to be in a wedding. She was able to surprise Mindy at her baby birthday party. Can I just tell you how much I love that even though that everyone of us is at a totally different point in life, our friendships are just as special! I love it. God truely blessed me with amazing friendships in college. I could not imagine not being friends with this group of girls. Now, if Stacy had just been able to be in town too. :)

I think that catches up my blog with the new events....

High School Girls Shower tomorrow! Cant wait! Pictures to come!


Shara said...

Tell Mindy congrats for me! How exciting! And now I definitely think it's Hawaii (p.s. That's where Pearl Harbor is!) :)

Stephanie said...

Fun! Do both of you have a passport? If not, that might help you narrow down your honeymoon guesses. Brad thinks I know where we're going, but I have no clue!

The McClures said...

Post pictures of your house!!