Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What to do??

I am closing on my OKC house on Friday. YAY! I am moving all my furniture to Hot Springs this weekend. WOW! And then I am living back at my parents house until the wedding... will be an adjustment for ALL of us.

People at work are starting to figure out that I am leaving. Not that I have kept it a secret. I guess I just figured people would figure it out. Well, they have. Since Ward has been in my office, they have started wondering "who is that boy in danielle's office". Then they find out that I am quitting since I am getting married. What they fail to mention to eachother is that I am moving to Arkansas. So daily, I hear the advise "Danielle, just because you are getting married, does not mean that you have to quit your job". Thank you. Fabulous advice... however, I am moving 6 hours away.

Next question.. what am I going to be doing in Hot Springs?

Answer... not real sure... but not stressed about it... everything will fall into place. Until today.

My bosses came into town to take the HR director from Franklin, Ward and I to lunch. The topic came up again that they would like for me to open an office in Hot Springs. The first time it was brought up to me, I was able to ignore them, because it was sent over email and I figured that it was dropped. But then they brought it up in person. I couldnt just change the subject. So we had to go into it. I told them I had begun talks with another company in Hot Springs. They told me to quit talking to them, and they wanted to go find real estate right now (basically). Oh my! Flattering... yes. Scary.. VERY! Although I love what I do now, and I absolutely adore the company that I work for... do I really want to pack up everything that I know, move to a city, learn how to be a wife and start a business in a community where I really know nothing. I dont know. What a great opportunity. Sounds pretty stressful to me. What if I fail? What if I hate it? What if, in a year or so, I want to take a short time off from work? But then, what if I dont fail, what if it takes off and is super successful? Or, I could go with a company (which I mean, I havent even been offered the job with them, just in talks) that is already established in the community and take a position with them and help them grow. Definitely more comfortable. Definitely more safe.

Now, I really have to think about it. I dont really know.....