Friday, January 25, 2008

Our Home!

Well, GOOD NEWS! On Wednesday I got a really great contract on my house in Oklahoma City. And I countered first thing Thursday morning, and by 4pm on Thursday afternoon, I was signing all the paperwork because he accepted the offer. YAY! What a blessing. The inspections should all be next week, and if all goes well, closing will be February 29th! YAY! YAY! Which, was the weekend that we planned to move all my stuff to Arkansas. God is good!

Craig has purchased our first home in Arkansas. I CAN NOT wait to get there!! It is pretty empty right now, waiting for all my stuff to get there. It makes me sad that it will be a while before all of you get to see it for yourselves.. but we have a guest room with your name written all over it! Come and visit any time!!

This is a picture of our living room. This is the main floor that you walk into when you come in the front door. The lady who owned our house before us loved yellow evidently. Because everything (trim, ceiling and walls) were all painted yellow. The main floor and the hallways are going to be painted Camel Back (as you can see in the picture). The trim is still yellow as of now, but it will be white like the window seal.

This is our super cute kitchen. I love it! Again, the cabinets.. YELLOW. My wonderful parents are going to help us tackle this task next weekend. May take a couple of weekends to get it done.

Our pretty new bedroom! Craig bought our new bedroom furniture when he moved in the house. I love it!! So pretty! It will be even prettier when he have our new bedding we registered for. This room was actually white (I think)... maybe yellow. The weekend that Craig closed on the house, Dad helped him knocked this room out. Whole Wheat and white. Very pretty. I cant wait to sleep here!

Just another view of our room! Cant wait to decorate! YAY!

I have some more before pictures I will add. And then will keep updating as we get things done. But remember: you are ALWAYS invited to Hot Springs!!


Allie Parker said...

I love it! What a beautiful new home and furniture! You and Craig will make it such a beautiful home with all of your things!