Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Joys of Home Ownership... OK.

I was done with winter after the first cold spell. And then there was the ice storm of 2007... it was cold. Alot of people lost trees. I lost a limb. And had power. I was not one of the thousands upon thousands who had to go buy generators... I had power.. the whole time. I was thankful. After the ice storm.. I was still done with winter. Now, it has been FREEZING.. and when I say freezing, I mean below freezing. I mean not as cold as the Packers/ Giants game the other night.. but really really cold. So Monday night, I get home from dinner with my friend, Laura. All I wanted to do was relax. So I did. I took a bath, I got in bed, I watched 1 versus 100, and I talked to Craig. I went to bed early. Tuesday morning. I wake up. I go to take a shower. I turn on the hot water in the shower. No water comes out. FANTASTIC. I go to the kitchen. I turn on the hot water. No water comes out. FANTASTIC. I still have to take a shower. Or at least wash my hair, so I dont look completely greasy at work. I figure out a way to just have my head under the water... I could hardly breathe it was so cold. I am not exaggerating. It was miserable. But, I perservere. I make it. I have clean hair. I go to work. I find out some other disappointing news that I wont go into in this blog. But I have a slight meltdown at work.. but have to hold it together.. I mean, I do have some responsibility of acting like I have it all together. So, I do. Kinda. After work, I meet dad at the house to try to figure out a way to unfreeze my pipes. We cant figure it out. So, I turn the heater on really high and open all the cabinet doors. And leave the cold water dripping, so at least those pipes wont freeze too. Smart thinking. Right? Well, I spend the night at my parentals house, so that I can be insured that I will have a warm shower to at least start my day out right. Because of the intense crying session that I had once I got to my parents (I dont have to act like I have it all together with them). I was exhausted. After watching American Idol (I do LOVE that show), I went to bed. It was warm. I slept good. I woke up, took a hot shower, and left the parentals. I wanted to stop by my house to make sure that the pipes had not busted over night. I pull into the drive way and what do I see. But a HUGE ice patch by my garage. Ok, we did not have any rain or fog or any type of precipitation that could cause this humongous water patch on my drive way. I quickly walked (as fast as I could in my cute black boots) to the backyard, only to hear the sound of rushing water, somewhat like a waterfall in my backyard. No, this could not be good. But yes, rushing water.. equals a busted pipe.. under my house. Fabulous. Busted pipe under my house, equals another breakdown. Luckily, I have the best dad in the world, who was not far away and could rush to my aid. And rush, he did. He turned the water off, which stopped the waterfall.. but not before my entire backyard had standing water. I am just so thankful that I have a "crawl space" under my house, or my entire house would have been flooded. I am not kidding. I am surprised OKC does not have a water shortage, as much water was in my backyard. Again, the best dad in the world, found a plumber. He lives in Choctaw. And he was nice. And not very dirty. And he came and he fixed the pipe. And it didnt cost me the hundreds of dollars I was expecting. So, I didnt have to have another breakdown when paying the man. I am done.. done.. done... done.. with winter.


The McClures said...

Oh Dan... bad story! Soon you will have a hubby to take care of these things for you! :)

Craig said...

These McClures live in a fantasy world.