Tuesday, January 15, 2008

95 days.

Yes, I am THAT girl that counts down the days to her wedding. Yes, I am THAT girl that actually makes a paper chain so that I can enjoy seeing how close we are actually getting. Yes, I am THAT girl that also made her fiancee a paper chain so that he can also count down the days... for some odd reason, I do not think he is partaking in this great activity. But, yep. I get married in 95 days. YES.

So, I was feeling the need to blog for a couple of reasons. 1.) Julie Harris got a blog and it totally made my day. Well, it made my night last night when I heard about it at Girls Dinner. But then I read it today, and it made me happy. and 2.) The love of my life FINALLY updated his. And it was funny. I love him.

Craig and I got counseled this weekend. We went up to Bixby on Friday and stayed with Keabone and his family and got asked all the "tough" questions. Ok, so I found that they really werent that tough. Being in a long distance relationship the whole time, Craig and I really havent had the time to get distracted by other things in the relationship. Since much of it has been on the phone, we have been forced to communicate. Which is a good thing. We had discussed much of everything. Although, it did force him to give me a couple of serious answers about one particular subject. :) And really, more than anything, it made me walk away being reminded of truely blessed I am. I am seriously marrying the most wonderful man on the face of the Earth. Now, if only those 95 days would just fly by!


Shara said...

So how do you know Landon?? I graduated with at CHA, and then taught 2nd grade with his sweet sis! (I was browsing through your blogs...) ;)

danielle said...

i go to church with him and jen (his new wife) at crossings.

danielle said...
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