Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let Me Reiterate

I am strongly disliking winter. It is snowing AGAIN. The roads are icy. I hate it! A bunch. Mom and Dad and I are leaving tomorrow for Arkansas... I am PRAYING the roads are better. We must go. Bottom line.. come on Spring!

Updates: Yesterday was the appraisal. Today was the inspection. Havent heard about the appraisal. But the inspection went REALLY well. Evidently the guy who is buying my house is extremely detailed oriented... or so he says.. so he is going over the list with a fine tooth comb. Cant blame the guy.. it is his first house to buy. They will let us know tomorrow. Prayers. I cant wait to say my house is officially sold!

Ward is on his way home from California for good! YAY! Even though, I am leaving, he will still be way more closer. This makes a sisters heart happy!



The McClures said...

I can't believe you all have snow again! We have yet to see any this year. Such great news about your house! Have a great weekend!!