Thursday, December 20, 2007


So, I know that I have already written a post today. But my work day has gotten all too strange. However, I guess I shouldnt be shocked by anything these days.

I was having interviews like normal this morning. Interviewing very good possible candidates for some of my positions. It was actually really encouraging. I wasnt having to be short with people, I wasnt having to remind people to use complete sentences, to take off their sunglasses or sit up straight. Overall, it was very encouraging. Until my 10am appointment shows up. On his work history, he gives me a total of 20 days he has worked his entire life. So, I begin to question him about that. And he gets an attitude. Well, an attitude does not get you very far in my interview process. But we continue, and I allow him to finish filling out the paperwork, but in the back of my head, I knew that he was not a candidate that was going to work out for my client. He finishes his paperwork, and leaves. And not 5 minutes later, the receptionist tells me that one of my client's cars was stolen, and it seemed most likely that my 10am appointment's cousin (who brought him to the interview, who he had not seen in a couple of years but just met up at 7-11 before the interview) had stolen the vehicle. Evidently, the cousin needed to go to the bathroom, and on his way back, he took a lady's wallet and keys. And stole her brand new car. Like so brand new, she hadnt even made her first payment on it.. new. Well, unfortunately for Mr. Cousin, she had On-Star.. not only can On-Star open car doors for Tiger Woods, when he locks his keys in the car in the rain, it can also track the vehicle. Well, good ole Mr. OKC cop spotted Mr. Cousin at a gas station at 50th and May and tried to pull him over, well this leads to a high speed chase. (Which, will be yet another felony for sweet Mr. Cousin... background checks have taught me something). So the super intelligent Mr. Cousin leads the cop on a high speed chase throughout a neighborhood and one block away from an elementary school, he runs Sweet Co-Worker's brand new vehicle into Innocent Bystanders brick garage. Thats right people, he wrecked her car into someones HOUSE! He breaks his leg, yet still tries to RUN! Ok, I mean, I am sure he was a track star back in his high school days, but when you have a broken leg, you are not going to be that quick, no matter who you are. He tries to say, he wasnt driving and Mr. Interviewee guy was the actual one driving and he got away. Who knows. But evidently they had a bunch of gifts in the back of the newly stolen vehicle that they had stolen out of other people's cars. Felonies adding up! Quality people... quality!