Thursday, December 20, 2007


Good news!

A decision made: Cake lady #2 it is! Yes.

Florist #5: Very good ideas. Very nice girl. Reminded me again, how much I wish I was creative.

121 days till I get married. And I get to be with Craig every day. I mean, the telephone thing is great. And getting to see me pretty often for being 6 hours away is fabulous. But really, I can not wait to be with him EVERY DAY.

One of my BFF's from college who is now living in Nashville is in OKC today... I get to see Stacy tonight. Seriously, I am excited! It will either help make the day fly by, because I can look forward to seeing her tonight, or it will drag by, because I am excited about seeing her! :) Hot Springs is halfway to OKC... fyi! :)

Ward comes homes in 2 days. Wish it was for good, but a short visit is better than nothing. I miss him!