Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Happy Merry Late Christmas! What a fantastic Christmas it was. I got to spend my first Christmas with Craig. And Ward came home from California. How great is that! Splitting the day with family's worked out great. Spent the first part of the day with my parents and then the second half with his family! I think I am a pretty lucky girl to be a part of such a fantastic family, like Craig's! We had a GREAT time!

Craig and I registered. One word... OVERWHELMING. Oh my word. Seriously. But fun too! We registered at Dillards, Pottery Barn and Bed Bath and Beyond. I think we have everything figured out. But, seriously... who knew those stores had so much stuff, till you register for everything. Wow.

Leaving today after work to go to Hot Springs till Tuesday. My first New Years Eve with Craig. YAY! Going to register at Lowes in Hot Springs to get ready for Craig's Honey Do Shower! Fun!

Wow, 2007 was a crazy good year. Lots of things changed. Lots of unexpected changes. Cant really even believe it.

2008 is bound to be GREAT. I will be Danielle Smith before I know it! Now, if my brother would just move closer.... :)