Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Florist #1

The first adventure in finding the perfect flowers for our big day did not go quite as smoothly as I expected. First of all, I dont really know what I want with my bouquets. I have a color idea, but I am not set on a certain type of flower. I told her this up front, hoping that she would direct me in a clear path. Instead, she ran me up and down about a million rabbit trails, and I still can not tell you more clearly what I am looking for. I told her from the beginning that I was on a budget, trying to cut straight to the point, which she did not allow. When we finally did get to costs, she blew me away with what she was asking. Those of you, who know me, know that my face is extremely transparent. I told her I was alittle taken back by the prices and instead of helping me understand, or asking me more what I was thinking, she said something to the effect of"Well, have you even done research on bridal bouquets". Again, those of you, who know me, know that if someone gets an unnecessary attitude with me, I just might have one back. In the words of my mother "I got ugly". Which when I think back to the conversation, I dont think I was ugly, more just matter of fact. I asked simple questions, that she could not answer. Needless to say, nice lady (until the attitude), but not going to be going with her. Even if, after all my research I find that she was absolutely right, there is absolutely no way to get my brides bouquet under $200, I still wont go to her. I was asking for help and there were just statements, no helping. Not good. But, she did ask one question that mom and I hadnt thought about... so the meeting wasnt all bad... right? :)

Latest crazy work story:

So, the receptionist at work called me and told me that there was a state trooper on the line for me. Awesome. What has one of my employees done this time? Well, he asks me if I have a certain employee because he has her temp badge with him, because she has been caught panhandling (ok, I dont know what that is, but I plan to look it up). I recognized the name, but couldnt even tell you when she worked for me, so I had to look it up. (All the time, I am pulling up her information in my data base, I hear her in the background saying "sir, I really dont want to get arrested, sir, I really dont need to get arrested" ok.. )Needless to say she worked for me one week this summer. And never showed up again. Quality... right. So Mr. State Trooper told me he would make sure to get her temp badge back to me. Its quite alright sir, I dont need it. Well, not even two minutes later, he calls me back, saying that she is stating she really does work for me. What in the world? Ma'am.. your caught.. you are panhandling... whatever that is... you dont work for me.. dont try to drag me into this.... just get arrested and learn your lesson....


Receptionist said...

Panhandling is begging for money without a permit.

I thought you would like to know! hehehehe

danielle said...

yea, yea. thats what i heard. :)