Monday, November 26, 2007


Thanksgiving is already over!! What a wonderful five days it was!!! I got to spend four whole days with Craig! It was FANTASTIC!!! Wednesday we stopped by his mom's house. She is giving us all of her silver and china! It was GREAT! Craig and I have some polishing to do, but we are very grateful for this gift! She even gave us his senior picture, silver cup and bronzed baby shoes. I was really excited to get these things from his childhood. YAY! We went to Mardels and picked out a couple of songs that we want to be sung at our wedding. Another thing marked off our to do list. Very exciting. We took his mom to dinner Wednesday night. It was nice to be able to sit down and chat with her. We spent the evening with his brothers family! We had a really GREAT time. I am really excited to be an aunt too!!

Thursday we spent the day with his family!!! I got to experience all their family Thanksgiving traditions.. even the hard boiled egg in the gravy for every person at the dinner. My soon to be neices made really terrific pies too. :)

We spent Thursday evening with my parents. Friday morning, my good friend Kelli, took our engagement pictures. It was freezing, but she did a really good job. I am so thankful for her!! Lots of football was watched, and some mean games of Phase 10 were played.

It was a GREAT GREAT weekend!!! I loved every minute of it!!! I absolutely loved having Craig around for the holiday. It made me even more excited (if thats possible) about spending the rest of my life with him! He is going to be around for all the holidays. YAY!

Lets see the latest wedding updates: the bridesmaids dresses were ordered on Thursday. They are going to look sooo pretty! Music picked out, asked Chris to sing.. he said yes, yay! Going to my first florist appointment this afternoon with my mom! I am way excited!!!