Friday, November 30, 2007

Florist #2 and Engagement Pictures

Florist #2 was 100% different! In fact, it was quite the pleasant experience! The lady that I met with actually listened to me. And TRIED to find the perfect fit for me. Plus her prices were much more reasonable. I left really excited and almost forgot all the bad taste I had in my mouth from Florist #1. Mom and I still have two more appointments next week with a couple different florists. But I feel really good about #2. I feel like she would do a really great job and do her best to make sure that everything is beautiful!

Kelli Dupuy, one of my honorary bridesmaids, so generously offered to take Craig and I's engagement pictures!!! She did an absolutely fabulous job. We really appreciate her doing that for us!!! We posted some of our favorites on our wedding website.

Mom, Dad and I are headed to Hot Springs today! I am excited for them to get to see Craig's town! And get to meet all the people that we talk about all the time!!! Should be a really fun time!!


Shara said...

Your engagement pics are so cute! I really, really love the last one, too! :)