Thursday, August 23, 2007

life changes fast

Well, I received some pretty interesting news yesterday!! My brother, Ward, got back from a trip to Santa Barbara to visit a special girl! He absolutely fell in love with the city. Those of you that know Ward, know he is passionate about outdoorsy type stuff. And if you live in Oklahoma, you know that Oklahoma doesnt give someone who loves the outdoors a huge amount of stuff to do. I think we all knew that deep down, Ward would not always be in Oklahoma. But little did we know how quickly things would happen. Mom called me yesterday at work, to let me know that Ward was really moving to Santa Barbara. I was shocked, well kinda. I went home to talk with him. He is so excited, its hard not to be thrilled for him! What an experience. But, one of the jobs that he is applying for, the test is on Monday. Meaning, Ward is moving TOMORROW!! Oh my word! Exciting, yes. Sad, yes. My brother is going to be far away from me. Its so great for him, to be able to go, and enjoy life, gain some focus, and really be happy. But selfishly, I want him here. Or maybe just closer. It will be a GREAT place to go visit, if I can just afford the plane ticket. :)

Work is crazy. Tomorrow is Friday. And I get to see Craig. YEA!!!!


The McClures said...

I am glad you have a blog now too! This will be a great way to keep up with each other!! Exciting for Ward, I am sure it will be a great experience for him!