Monday, August 27, 2007

another weekend. gone.

Its Monday. I am working. Hard. As you can see. :)

I cant believe another weekend is gone. Why do they have to go so quickly??? Craig got in town early on Friday, which really surprised me!! So I got to see him during my work day. Totally made my day!! We had a great time all weekend, until he had to leave again. Then I got sad. :( Leaving eachother sure does get old. One day we wont have to drive 6 hours to see eachother, and I can NOT wait for that day! We had the chance to go see our mutual friend, Jennifer and Jason Millers, precious little baby, Ethan. He was so little! And cute!! How exciting for them!!!

Sunday was very productive!! Cleaning the whole house and doing laundry. I also made myself exercise again yesterday. Seriously, I dont know why I have allowed myself to be so lazy the past couple of months. I have another goal for Julie's wedding, and if I dont get serious, I am not going to make it! So yesterday was the day to start! I have to stay motivated. I always feel so much better after I do exercise, but its just actually getting started is where I struggle. :) November 10th, I still think I can do it. Just have to focus!!

I went to the grocery store to pick up stuff to bring to Arkansas for the OU football game. I tried to explain to Craig this weekend, how serious I get during OU games. That talking has to be kept to a minimum during the game. Talking during commericals is fine, of course. I dont think that he really believes me. I also explained to him "the uniform" during football season on Saturdays. He just laughed at me. But seriously, less than a week!! Kick Off. Can not wait!! I love this time of the year!! Now the weather needs to start changing, and it will be heaven!!

Ward made it to California. I know he got super sick of driving. The part of California where he moved to, evidently doesnt have the heavy, disgusting traffic that we all associate with California. But he definitely experienced some of that traffic during his travels! I know he is so thankful that he does not have to experience that every day!! He has a job interview today. Praying that if this is where he needs to be during his time in California that the door will continue to open for him! Its an exciting time for him! He is just way too far away from me!! But glad Beka and her family are so close! :)


Matthew said...

So I just found your blog - yay! I love friends who blog! And yes, Craig needs to realize that you are NOT kidding about the no talking during OU football games. Let's just say he's going to see a whole other side of his sweet girlfriend these next four months!! :)

Shara said...

Um, okay, sorry that was ME above, not Matt. He has a rule against posting on blogs...even mine... No, Matt does not "love friends who blog!!" ;) - Shara