Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Best Friend/Worst Enemy

So this morning, approximately 5:55 am, I woke up and needed to go to the restroom, those of you who are reading my blog, understand the approximate size of my bladder. small. With that being said, I knew that my alarm would be going off at 6:35 am, however, I figured I should go at that point. So I did. All of this to say, when I got back in bed, I realize just how much I hated my alarm clock. I mean, I realize that every morning when it makes the most horrible noise in the entire world. It is truely my worst enemy in the morning. I love to sleep. I want to continue sleeping. Especially now, with the sun not coming up as quickly. See, the sun doesnt want to wake up either! But, I get up. Quickly, remember, I hate the noise. But then while in the shower this morning, still ticked off that I had to wake up. I thought about how the alarm clock was like my best friend. Always there for me... I mean, I have to get up, I have to go to work. Raley and I have to live. And my house payment has to get paid. (See, this is a concept my employees have yet to grasp). So thanks to my alarm clock, I get up. My dog can eat. I can put gas in my car. I can live in my cute house. See, so really I need to be thankful for my alarm clock. So I am. Until tomorrow morning when I hear that awful beeping noise again! :)

Love ya'll! And you didnt think I could post something deep. SURPRISE!


drew.martin said...

hey pud,
how is raley?
haha. forealzy's this is drew.martin.

that's a great thing for me to take into account to, except for the fact that my alarm clock is my mother. said...

i dont think i know you but i'm a friend of craigs. i saw the link to your blog from his.

ask him why you rank like 4th on his blog links?

he is such an idiot! straighten him out!