Thursday, August 30, 2007

Almost a Three Day Weekend

Its Thursday. The day that I have thought every day this week was. Seriously, I have woken up every day and thought it was Thursday. But it finally is. Craig and Trey came in town today. I could really get used to see Craig during my work day. It gives me something to look forward to in the mornings. And a reason to want to get home in the afternoons (not that leaving work isnt reason enough), but definitely an added bonus. Had lunch at Jasons Deli with Craig and Trey. Craig FINALLY got the chance to meet Denise. Made my day. He has had the opportunity to meet alot of my friends, and I was really wanting him to meet her, so that was GREAT. I was able to meet his friend Ryan. Really nice guy, he appreciates my love for the Sooners! :) And understands my reasoning to have rules during football games. Its not to be bossy, or in control, simply have to concentrate on the fabulousness of college football. AAAHHH!! It starts tonight, I am so in love!!

Its been Employee Appreciation Week this week. It really has been great. Although I got to dress up as a referee on Tuesday, the employees really seem to be enjoying it. The types of job that many of my employees do are quite monotonous, so a little break in their day is quite welcome. It really has been great to see them have fun and smile during their work day! :) Today was the putt putt challenge. I cant tell you how many times, I heard, "This is the first time I have ever done this". Wow, I guess I take for granted the different activities I have been blessed to do over my life. Something as little as putt putt, holding a golf club, many of my employees have never had the chance.

Hung out with my precious 8th graders last night! We focused. Really. And I think that we all got something out of it. That was exciting. They even showed the initiative to learn more. More than just what we are doing on a Wednesday night. That was exciting. We talked about the things that are the most difficult for them, or the things that they want to focus on the most. The number one thing was choosing the right friends, secondly was respecting authority, especially parents. That is really exciting to me. I dont know if I was really thinking about how the type of friends that I chose at that age and the types of affects they would have on me. It made me think back over my friendships and the affects that many of my friendships have had on me. Although I have a few really good friendships from high school, and really those friendships have gotten even deeper since we all graduated from college, the majority of my TRUE friends didnt come until college. I believe at that point, we all had the chance to grow up some and realize what was important to us in a friendship. I was blessed with absolutely incredible girlfriends during that time in my life. Although our friendships have taken different shapes now, many of these girls are still the girls that I depend on the most. I dont want my 8th graders to have to wait until they are freshman in college to understand what real friendships entail.

Going to get spend time with some of my closest high school girls tonight for Miranda's birthday. Going to the Wedge. Never been there, new experience. Real excited!!

Going to Arkansas tomorrow. CAN NOT WAIT!


shara said...

Look at you! Who knew you were such a writer! Have fun in AR this weekend - and....BOOMER SOONER!!!

absonjourney said...

nice to meet you as well. hope you enjoyed the game! (and I hope craig followed the rules.