Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jackson's 5th Birthday Burger Bash

We celebrated our big boy turning FIVE this past weekend!  Jackson has been on a hamburger kick lately.  And since we dont do parties with a bunch of friends, at this stage of his life, we decided to do a low key Burger Bash, where we just had our local family over for dinner.  It was the perfect amount of people.  And Jackson is totally comfortable with everyone that was over.  So it made it very nice.  The birthday boy was able to enjoy it fully without stressing.  That was our goal.

The decorations were pretty simple.  Lots of balloons.  :)  And my sweet friend, Alyssa, designed all the printed decor (banner, and food signs).  She is really good-- local friends, if you need great party supplies designed, I can get you her information!  She is working on an Etsy site, and as soon as she has it up and running, I will update it here!

We had a Build Your Own Burger Bar... thankfully our county does not have a burn ban currently, so Craig was able to grill yummy burgers outside.  And we had lots of yummy toppings.  We also had chips and the Pioneer Woman's Mac and Cheese served in little mason jars.

And for dessert, we had the cutest, and delicious cake that looked like a burger.  My friend, Melissa, recently started making cakes.  I sent her a text a while ago and asked her if she would be willing to make a cake that looked like a burger.  She was on board, and I could not have been more pleased with her work. It was PERFECT.  Jackson ADORED it.  (Local friends, again, I will be more than happy to share her information with you, when you need a super cute cake for your next event)

And then for party favors, my friend, Christy made these ADORABLE burger and fry cookies.  We found the fry bags on etsy and she packaged them together, so everyone could bring home a burger and fries.  Love it!!!!  You can find Christy at Sooner Sugar on Facebook. I highly recommend her. She is very creative, and a perfectionist.  All of her creations are beautiful!!

After we ate, Jackson opened presents.. he played and we all visited.  It was a perfect way to celebrate Jackson turning 5.

We are so thankful for Jackson!  He keeps us on our toes.  He is super sweet and loving.  He loves playing with trains and super heroes.  He loves to play outside.  His favorite times are when its just the four of us at home.  His favorite foods are hamburgers, mac and cheese, lettuce, ranch dressing, apples, cheese sandwiches and broccoli.  It is super fun to watch him learn new things every day.  And learn how to express himself in different ways.  He is definitely maturing and growing up!  We are so so thankful for him, and love him more than we could ever express!!


Carrie said...

good job mommy! and happy birthday (late) Jackson! Just catching up on blogs. We didn't do a big party for mattox this year either. and he is SO happy!
glad to see yall are doing well! talk to you soon!