Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Ms. Christie

I have talked about my kids school several times in this blog. And mentioned their teachers.  Well, I wanted to focus on one teacher today.  Ms. Christie.  WE LOVE MS. CHRISTIE!!!!!!

She is one of the biggest blessings in our family's life right now.  After 2 days in a different classroom at the beginning of the year, the teacher mentioned in a round about way that she thinks Jackson has ADD and needs to be tested.  2 days, people. I asked Ms. Christie, if she could talk to this other teacher and kind of give her the run down on Jackson.  (Ms. Christie had Jackson 2 days a week last year).  Well, after some talks, we decided Jackson would just stay in Ms. Christie's class instead.  BEST.DECISION.EVER.

She is one of the most patient, kind hearted people we know.  She has taken her time to figure out Jackson, figure out what motivates him at school, and figured out how to make him successful.  He feels safe and loved at school.  He LOVES going to school.

One night at home, Jackson was talking about Ms. Christie, and asked if she would be Iron Man for Halloween.  I told him, I did not know what she was going to be, so he made a little video on the phone asking Ms. Christie to be Iron Man.  Well, she showed up to school like this the next day.  Talk about making my sons day!!!!

I have already mentioned her assistance in prepping Jackson to get his hair trimmed at school.

She has also made HUGE strides in Jackson wanting to do arts and crafts at school- even doing crafts that require paint on his hands.

Well the latest development has just really blown us away.  I noticed something last week.  We were driving home, and Jackson started talking about what he wanted for dinner.. and of course it was pizza.  I told him we were not going to get pizza, we were going to have something I already had prepared at home.  He said "pleeeeeeeaaaaase" I told him I appreciated his politeness, but we were still not going to get pizza.  When I turned into our neighborhood, instead of going straight to get pizza, he normally starts throwing a fit... well this time, he didnt throw a fit.  I heard him deep breathing in his car seat and telling himself "its ok, Jackson, its ok".  And by the time we got home, he was totally fine and pizza wasnt mentioned again.  I thought it was really interesting, but I was really proud of him.  Well yesterday, he had not slept well the night before, so he was not ready to get into the car to go to school.  We told him, it was time to go get in the car, and he said "maybe later I want to sit on the couch".  I told him, we needed to get in the car....he started deep breathing again.. got up off the couch, continued to deep breathe, and walked out to the van deep breathing the whole time.  By the time he got in the car seat, he was fine.  No fit.  It was amazing.  I asked Ms. Christie later that day, if she had taught Jackson to deep breathe when he was getting upset.  Of course, she had.  :)  She has been working with Jackson, to start deep breathing when he starts realizing he is getting upset.  And obviously, she has taught him this in such a way that he understands it and can apply it.  Absolutely amazing.  ( I am also really impressed with Jackson for being able to realize his triggers!)

Craig and I are just so blessed to have such a community of people who are walking with us and supporting us on our parenting journey.  Ms. Christie, we love you!  We thank God everyday, that he allowed you to be Jackson's teacher.  You are making quite an impact in his life.  We will be forever grateful!


Stephanie Johnson said...

She sounds like an amazing teacher!

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

So great! She sounds perfect for Jackson!