Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Craig Weekend!

I dont know what Friday nights look like in your house.  But often ours looks like pajamas, take out and early bed times.

Our Friday night was basically just that... I picked the kids up a pizza on the way home... McKinley ate 2 pieces, Jackson ate THE REST of the pizza.  I am not joking.  And when Craig got home from work, Jackson was asking for a bologna sandwich, a cheese sandwich and broccoli.  I think he was hungry.  He has gotten REALLY picky lately.  And it makes me sad. I am hoping for a phase, and we will push right on through it.  I miss the days that he would eat whatever we would give him.

Saturday, the kids slept in since it stayed dark for so long. It was fantastic.  We had a good morning at home! We laid the kids down for a nap and my mom came over...

So Craig and I could start his birthday date day!  With his birthday being today (Monday), we knew it would just be easier to celebrate on the weekend. We had such a nice relaxing time!
We started out at our alma mater, for the football game.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day at OBU.  And much much cooler than the first game we went to!  Some people were dressed like they were going to the arctic.  Which was a slight exaggeration.. but it was a tad chilly in the wind.  Perfect for a football game.  Another observation, I made while at the game.  There are ALOT of boot choices out this season, and I dont think I could pull off half of them.  

OBU lost again... they play so well the first half and then just seem to not be able to hold it together for the 4th quarter.  Sad.. but I am sure they will just keep getting better.  It was fun to see and catch up with so many people.  I love OBU.

Then we went to Royal Bavaria for dinner.  I was never introduced to German food, until marrying into the Smiths.  But they LOVE it.  And although it is definitely not a food I will ever crave, I have found something that I like.. :)  We had a relaxing dinner that ended up being pretty inexpensive, thanks to a Groupon.  :)

We drove home and watched the OU win!  It was a great day!!!

Sunday, I worked on a little Christmas project.  I am so not crafty, especially when it comes to painting. I asked my friend, Alyssa if she would do this project for me (I was willing to pay her.. ha!), she said she would definitely do it for me, but really she thought I could do it.  :)  So, after several texts of her telling me EXACTLY what I needed to buy and how to make the letters straight, I felt semi confident.  I still have a few touch ups and need to glitter the KING letters, but I think it turned out good!  

Craig and I are excited to introduce the shepherd bag tradition to Jackson and McKinley this Christmas season.  We totally realize they wont "get" it, but its never too early to start these traditions that focus on the true meaning of Christmas, versus "self".  

Then we all got ready and headed over to my mom and dad's to celebrate Craig's birthday with Ward, Reese and Merritt.  We had a great time!!!  

Jackson, McKinley and I are thankful for Craig- and love him very much!!!