Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We've Got a Pre-K'er

My baby boy started Pre-K this week.  For those of you that read my blog, ever, you will not be surprised that Jackson did not want any part of the "First Day of Pre-K" pictures.  So, you will be getting some of his more recent pics on this blog.  :)

The plan all along was that Jackson was going to go to Pre-K at the school in Norman, that he and McKinley had been going to for the past year.  They have a great Pre-K program that gets them ready for kindergarten in the public schools.  Well, Craig accepted a new position (at a new company, but with the same owner).. soooo he works Monday-Friday now.  Which is FANTASTIC.. we have weekends together now.  But that also means that Jackson and McKinley will be going to school every day.  I think it will be an adjustment for both of them.  But I truly do think it will be a REALLY good thing, especially for Jackson. 

We had been talking up Ms. Olga's class.  We told him, that was where the big kids go.  So he seemed pretty sold on the idea.  :)  Big kids and new toys.  A perfect reason to try something new. 
I think there will definitely be an adjustment period for my baby boy.  A painful growth, as I have been referring to it.  Probably painful for all of us.  But I would rather this "painful growth" happen now, rather than in the school that he will go to for several years. 

My prayer is that Jackson continues to love school.  Even though, things have not been seamless, he still comes home every day, happy about school.  I want him to love school.  I have been praying for one good friend for Jackson.  All kids like Jackson.  But Jackson is a kid who is really happy to play by himself.  I would love for him to have one good friend, who can be a good influence on him.  A good influence to sit and pay attention in group time, maybe.  :)  I have been praying for his teacher, that she will have an extra dose of patience and grace with Jackson, maybe when he does not even deserve it.  And I have been praying that Craig and I's time in the evenings can be really intentional with Jackson.  I do not want to spend our whole evening doing "school" with him.  But I do want to make sure that we are doing our part in making this transition easier for him and Ms. Olga. 

Jackson is SUCH a sweet child.  He is fun. He has a great imagination.  He is VERY loving.  But Jackson likes to do what Jackson wants to do.  If its his idea, he can focus and get things done.  If its not his idea, getting him to participate is a bit more difficult.  By a bit, I mean, its really hard.  :)  I am VERY VERY VERY proud of Jackson, and the growth he has shown the past year.  Its been incredible, really.  So, I am very excited to see what growth happens this year.  I know its going to be a good thing.. it just might hurt a little bit getting there.  :)


Emily said...

So fun to see an update! Your kids are so cute.

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

What a FUNNY bios you have! He seems so hilarious! Hope school continues to go smoothly!