Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its a Part of Her Story

Unless you live under a rock somewhere.. you know that about a month ago, Oklahoma was hit by several tornados, within a couple weeks period.  It was horrible.  And scary.  And sad.  Really really sad. 

On the day of the May 20th tornado, I left work early to pick up the kids and head from Norman, up to Edmond.  We go straight up I-35.  I had told my bosses that as soon as I saw a green dot over the Lawton area, I was leaving.  I might be a tad dramatic when it comes to severe weather... but in the case of May 20th, it was good, that I was a bit dramatic.  As soon as we walked in the house from the trek north, we turned on the TV and the tornado was forming right over what seemed to be our old house in Newcastle.  I then was transfixed on the TV, as I watched this MASSIVE tornado travel over very densely populated areas of our town.  Heartbreaking.  We have friends down there, we were so worried about them. 

Thankfully, everyone that we knew, was ok.  And their property was saved as well.  Unfortunately for many others, they were not as lucky.  I spent alot of Monday evening, crying as I watched footage of parents desperate to find their children.  It was a really really tough day in Oklahoma.

The following morning, I started my trek back south to work.  I thought I had prepared myself for what I would see.  I did not.  What I saw absolutely took my breath away.  To this day, I can not adequately express how I felt at that moment.  People were just standing on the highway, looking around.  Helicopters were swarming, ambulances and firetrucks were everywhere.  McKinley had no clue, Jackson's eyes were as big as saucers.. and I was sobbing.  Seriously.  Pictures that you see on TV do not touch the reality of what that tornado did to people's lives.  Heart. Breaking.

Right in the line of the tornado, was Moore Medical Center.  A hospital that is a part of our McKinley's story.  If you remember, when McKinley got tubes, she also had a brain stem hearing test.  Hearts for Hearing performed that test.  Moore Medical Center donates their space and their anathesiologists to do these procedures.  Although, I was apprehensive to have my daughter go under anathesia at a hosptial other than Childrens... they did a TERRIFIC job.  They were loving and kind, not only to my daughter, but to Craig and I, as we were clearly VERY nervous.  And financially, not having to pay for those things were beyond a blessing to our family.. We were very very very thankful for Dr. Berryhill, Hearts For Hearing and Moore Medical Center.

When I saw the damage that it sustained, and then when I heard that they would be tearing it down completely and maybe rebuilding.. I knew I needed to stop and take pictures.  I took for granted that a hospital that was pivotal in our daughters care would always be there.  That she would grow up and we could show her where certain procedures took place. 

I stopped a couple of weeks ago.  As we pulled up, Jackson said "WHOA what happened?"  Some clean up had already started, but, you can still tell the amount of damage the hospital sustained.  A LADY WAS HAVING A BABY IN THAT HOSPITAL WHEN THE TORNADO HIT...I can not imagine.  I am so so so thankful that God's hand of protection was on everyone in that facility. 

We are thankful for you, Moore Medical Center.. and look forward to seeing you being rebuilt better than ever!