Thursday, January 10, 2013

Potty Training Funnies...

That title is somewhat deceptive.  Very little of potty training has been funny.  Its been hard.  REALLY  hard. 

I refuse to say "he's potty trained"  But- he's potty trained.  We mainly have successes... and very few misses.  (He still wears a pull up for naps and bedtime.. I am not even going there yet).  But sometimes he still has accidents. 

For instance I got these pictures from Sarah right before Christmas:

Sarah- "I am laughing so hard!!  As gross as these next pictures are, they make me laugh!!  Thank goodness I had my phone.

Me- " What was he doing??????"

Sarah- "Me- Jackson what on earth are you doing??
            Jackson- I am pooping Ms. Sarah
            He is about as close as you can get to the way it is supposed to be done!  He kept telling me as I
            was cleaning him up, Merry Christmas Ms. Sarah"

Sweet boy.  :)  So so so so close in this instance.

As for this little girl- I think she is really close to wanting to be potty trained- herself... I. AM. NOT. READY. 

Ready for no diapers- yes.  But I have not recovered fully from the potty training experience with Jackson.  :)  She is SUPER curious.  She HATES having a wet/dirty diaper.  She also does not have words to communicate her needs... and I really dont think they make underwear in her size.  We'll see....