Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 was WONDERFUL!   It was Jackson's 3rd Christmas and his 2nd White Christmas... it was McKinley's 2nd Christmas and her first white one. 

 We started our celebrating on Christmas Eve morning.  We always go over to Craig's brothers, Kurts, for brunch.  It is always yummy and a fun way to start the celebrations!

 That afternoon, after naps, we headed over to Honey and Papa's to celebrate with Ward, Reese, and baby Merritt.  We opened presents and had a great dinner, before heading to the Christmas Eve service at our church.  The Christmas Eve service has always been one of my favorites.  They dont provide childcare though, which makes it a bit difficult for us.  So we did not stay long....

 We headed home, the kids opened their Christmas jammies and a book about Jesus's birthday.  McKinley went to sleep, and we read with Jackson before he headed to sleep. 

 We woke up about 4 am to a text, that my parents were heading over.  It had started freezing raining, and they did not want to miss the kids Christmas.  I did not want them to either.  Craig and I had set the air mattress out the night before, so we got it all set up for them.  Just around the time that they got to our house, Jackson decided he wanted to wake up for the day.  And although we are all good with waking up early on Christmas morning.. 4:30 am was pushing it.  So he stayed in his room and sang songs until we let him get up around 7.  :)

Jackson was VERY excited about the kitchen that Santa brought he and McKinley.  He kept exclaiming "Look!"  Like he could not even believe that it was in his living room.  Sweet boy.  It took McKinley a bit longer to warm up to the fact that there was so much excitement so early in the morning.  But when she discovered her stocking full of girlie things, she got very excited!!!
 After we ate our Christmas breakfast- we opened presents.  McKinley's favorite, by far, was her baby doll.  We could not get it out of the packaging fast enough.  She automatically went into "mommy mode" with the baby.  It really is incredible the differences between boys and girls. 
 Jackson loved everything that he opened too.  It took him longer to be ready to move from one present to the next. 
 McKinley loves love LOVES accessories.  Bows, are probably her least favorite.. and mommy's most favorite.  My sweet friend, Stacy made me a few bows to give to McKinley.  Her favorite accessory of all, is shoes.  I am not a big shoe person.. I normally have a couple pair that I rotate through a season.  I rarely spend much money on them, and I just refresh each season.  I had a friend from OBU, who dresses her girls soooo super cute, suggest buying McKinley Toms.  We did, and I am so glad that we did.  They are adorable.  And McKinley, LOVES them.  Honey and Papa bought her a back pack.. which she immediately put on, and did not take off until we forced her to at nap time.  But as soon as she woke up, she put it back on.  :)
 Jackson has been OBSESSED with the idea of going camping with Papa.  He talks about it DAILY.  So Jackson and Papa got matching sleeping bags and Jackson got a tent, so they can go camping.  :)

 Mom also bought Jackson a sled- which was a HUGE hit on this particular Christmas.  :)
Thanks to Aunt Reese- McKinley was dressed SUPER trendy at the Smith Christmas!
We postponed our Smith Christmas until the day after Christmas.  Since, Craig's brother, Kyle's family had to drive from Enid.. it was just better to wait a day to let the ice melt some.  We had such a fun time!  The kids received alot of really fun stuff!!!  We really noticed at this Christmas celebration, Jackson's shyness in crowds is definitely becoming more defined.  He did not want to be in the living room with everyone opening presents, but when we put his gifts in the foyer right outside of the living room.. he was very interested.  When he put on his Hulk mask and gloves and everyone was looking at him and taking pictures, he got really embarrassed.  It is SO interesting to me how their personalities change.  McKinley, on the other hand, LOVED being in the middle of it all!  :)

What a WONDERFUL Christmas!  So thankful for the greatest gift of all- Jesus!  And so thankful that we had the opportunity to celebrate with everyone we love so very much!