Sunday, September 11, 2011

"That" Mom

Let me start this post by explaining alittle bit about how I grew up... My parents are not sickly people. Therefore, Ward and I hardly ever got sick. And if we did get sick, I rarely remember going to the doctor. Dont get me wrong, Mom took us to the doctor if we REALLY needed to go.. but just at the first sign of a cold, etc, she wouldnt rush to take us to the doctor. So, although I appreciate and love all of our doctors, if we do not have to go to the doctor, we dont.

As far as Jackson goes, I did not want to be "that" mom. I didnt want to run to Dr. Jackson every time something happened a bit abnormal. I can count on one hand how many times I have taken him to the doctor because he is SICK. Now, he has been sick more than that. But we try and take care of it at home.. we will keep him home from school or church and rest. Normally, that takes care of it.

With McKinley, I very well, might be "that" mom. I feel like I am highly sensitive in regards to her health. I was pretty laid back with Jackson, especially for a new mom. I am a bit more uptight when it comes to McKinley. For instance.. I took her to the doctor last week, because I felt like one side of her head looked bigger than the other side. I worried that it had something to do with her ear. I got really nervous.

But, we are healthy in our house right now. I did not want to take Jackson with us to the pediatrician, because I knew he would run around the office and touch e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. And then we would come home with some sickness, and then my real fear of McKinley getting an ear infection would start. Thankfully, mom came to our rescue again.. she watched Jackson so McKinley and I could go get her head checked out.

Dr. Jackson assured me that it was what I was hoping it was... it was all positional. Many babies prefer one side over the other. McKinley happens to prefer to lay on her ear that doesnt have an ear canal. We think its because it is easier for her to hear. So, we just have to be conscious to lay her the opposite way. Hopefully it will correct itself.

She also got weighed. She is up to 8 lbs 12.5 oz!! Growing growing!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

Riggins had that same issue with his head (he liked to lay with his head facing to the left) and I was worried, but it really did start to even out once he learned to sit up and roll over more consistently. I'm sure McKinley's will do the same!