Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its Love

And it could not make my heart more happy!

Jackson A.D.O.R.E.S his sister. He is so sweet to her. (Other than the horrible potty training day when he got really mad at me.. so he went and tried to head butt her. Ugh). He will bring her a paci or her bottle. He does not know that she can not grasp and hold it, like he can. He calls her "his baby" and gives her kisses all the time.
When he saw her bandaids from the doctors office, he became VERY concerned. And would just say "uh oh" and "its ok baby". So so sweet.

On McKinley's first day at Sarah's house, every time she would cry.. Jackson would get a very concerned look on his face and say "M" over and over again to Sarah. We have never heard him call McKinley anything other than his baby.. but we think he was trying to communicate to Sarah that McKinley needed something.

On our days at home, McKinley will lay on the couch next to me and Jackson will want to get right next to her and snuggle.. I love the way he looks at her. I pray that they will continue to love eachother and be there for each other always.


Erin said...

They are too cute together!

mgoff said...

Super sweet!