Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weight Check/ 2 Week Appointment


Craig and I, although we were VERY excited to have our daughter home, we were tentative to be TOO excited... the nurses and doctors scared us about her weight. They would remind us quite often that if she would lose weight, she would end back up in the hospital. And that she would be in the PICU and not the NICU... "and the PICU is not as nice as the NICU".

So, when we weighed McKinley at Dr. Jackson's office, and found out she weighed SIX POUNDS, I felt sooooo relieved.

So our sweet girl is in the 2nd percentile for weight, she is 19 1/4 inches long (9th percentile) and her head is in the 4th percentile. She is definitely very petite.

Dr. Jackson and her PA, Tina, both agreed that her belly looked fantastic. And referred us to an ear specialist in Norman, that is supposedly wonderful.

We really feel like we are getting everything taken care of. Again, we feel so thankful that God has made this journey for McKinley so smooth. What an answer to prayer.

I was pretty anxious to see what McKinley's temperment would be at home.. she was quite opinionated in the hospital. Well at home, she is incredibly laid back and happy. I really think she was just ready to be home. She is so happy to be in a place where she is not messed with. She isnt getting poked and prodded at every hour. She is just wonderful.

She still has her precious squeak. And most recently, makes the most hysterical noises when she is stretching. She is quite the eater during the day, and not as much at night, which makes it nice that we dont have to wake up her to eat at night anymore. She loves her swing and really loves the mobile on it! She is sleeping in a bassinet that a friend let us borrow, that we keep in our room. She loves being swaddled and sleeps so peacefully. She LOVES being held and snuggled. We all agree that we have time to make up for.

Jackson is a very sweet big brother... when she cries, he tells her it is "k". He gives her kisses and pats her very gently. Now, his fits have been a bit more dramatic towards Craig and I. I am not sure if its just him being a 2 year old, or if it has something to do with our new addition.

On Tuesday, a local photographer and friend, that took pictures of McKinley on her birthday, came to the house to take her newborn pictures. She put a few sneak peaks on her blog, and of course, I think they are pretty perfect! You can check it out here, at Photography by Elise's blog.

We, continue to be humbled by the love and support our family has been shown during this time!


The Breedings said...

I love that you know how blessed you are to be her parents! So excited with you that she's gaining weight and adjusting to life at home!

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Yay!!!!! She is doing so great!!! And is SOoooo cute I just love her!!!

piper. said...

such a great report about the weight gain, and so so glad y'all have that sweet girl at home. what a blessing.

Laura said...

She is SUCH a pretty baby! I am so thankful that she is home and doing well! What an amazing testament to the power of prayer! Love you guys!