Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Not At Mercy Anymore

I cant believe sweet baby McKinley is THREE weeks old. It is absolutely amazing to us. It doesnt really seem real, probably because we have only had her home for alittle over a week. Her hospital journey really WAS relatively quick.. but it seems like I had her AGES ago. I documented my birth story with Jackson, and love looking back on it. I was on so much medication after McKinley's birth, Craig handled the blog for the first couple of days (and did a GREAT job), but I wanted to be able to document McKinley's birth day too.. it was definitely a different ball game.

Craig and I had to be at OU Children's Hospital at 5:30 am for a 7:30 am "cut time". My parents offered to let Jackson spend the night with them, so we wouldnt have to worry about a super early drop off time. Craig and I went to Salt Grass for my last meal before surgery. I really wanted a steak. And then we finished last minute preparations and went to bed. I was able to sleep surprisingly well.

We got up, got ready and headed to the hospital on June 21st. We went to check in, where they told us to, the day of our tour. The lady checking us in, acted surprised that we were there. So I finally asked if I was not on the paperwork to have a C-Section that day... I was.. I guess it was just her personality. Weird.

They took me back to my "holding room". Basically, it was just a room with three beds and curtains to separate the beds. Luckily I was the only one in there. I was the first C-Section scheduled for that day. It was HOT in the room. Like really hot. I couldnt believe it, because, they obviously dealt with pregnant people.. it is summer.. keep the room cold. It made me nervous, because I knew that the IV was coming.. (please remember my fainting tendencies with shots,etc). I kept telling the nurse that it was hot. She told me that she was sorry but they were out of fans. Awesome. So, I told her, she better get me a cold wet wash cloth, and I explained to her my fainting tendencies. She got me a cold wet washcloth.. but as she was putting in my IV.. she chose to tell me the difficulty she was having finding my vein, she was having to "chase it". REALLY LADY... I told you I dont like this.. please dont make this more difficult for me. Thankfully, the vein was caught and she got the IV in without me fainting.

It was still super hot... like ridiculously hot, and they still could not find me a fan. I just kept telling Craig, and my parents (who arrived and got to come wait with us), that "I am not at Mercy anymore" with great sadness in my voice. And then would remind myself that I could have a baby anywhere there was a doctor and drugs and we were at the best hospital for McKinley.

THEN.. another nurse came and put 2 antacids through my vein and then made me drink this stuff (another antacid), that after she gave to me, she threw a throw up bag on my stomach. Not. A. Good. Sign. I think this is when my dad moved to the other side of the room and sat in a chair not facing us. The lady said that whatever she just gave me made alot of people throw up. Awesome. Well, it did not make me need to throw up, but had the opposite effect. Remember, I am hooked up to IVs... I was freaking out. We quickly got a nurse, and I was able to get to the bathroom... I was soooo afraid that I was going to have a humiliating C-Section story. No fear.. all was fine. Side note: evidently Childrens is the ONLY hospital in the OKC area that makes you drink that horrific stuff.

By this point, I was just ready to get my stomach cut open. I was SO miserable in that room. What else could they do to me?!

FINALLY.. they came to get me. Craig couldnt go back with me, until after they gave me my spinal. So they wheel me into the OR..which was freezing. They offered to get me blankets, I told them that would not be necessary.. it felt soooooo good in comparison to that horrible holding room.

Once in the OR, I quickly took a glance around the room to make sure no OBUers were in there. There are TONS of people that I went to college with that are residents, med students, etc that are learning at Childrens. And although I was TOTALLY fine with them being a part of my childs care.. I did NOT want them in my surgery. It would bring our friendships to a totally different level that was completely unnecessary.

Of course, my resident anathesiologist knew everyone that I knew.. but I was able to get over that. They gave me my spinal.. which I was pretty nervous about, not being in labor.. but it was really fine. It worked immediately and made me a bit loopy. Definitely a difference from the epidural. They laid me down and made me lay my arms to the side. And then a little embarrassing situation happened.. which evidently happens to alot of girls who have C-Sections.. they just normally do it BEFORE arriving in the OR. Oh, not for me.. happened in front of everyone. The anathesiologist just told me it was part of "the package deal". Ugh. Humiliating. I said a few things, that made everyone in the OR laugh.

They did the ice trick and the sharp object trick to make sure the spinal took. It definitely did.

Enter Dr. Stanley and some other girl that was helping him. They started taking me a part before Craig was even in the room. I knew he didnt want to see anything, so I kept reminding everyone to tell him that they started so he wouldnt look over the sheet. He sat next to me, and if we talked, I cant really remember what was said. I am telling you, I was loopy. And sleepy. And tugging and pulling is definitely the appropriate words for what it felt like. Evidently my blood pressure would go a bit lower than normal, so Mr. Resident would remind me to take some deep breaths. I do remember asking Dr. Stanley if she had an omphalocele and he would say, "I dont know yet". I dont know how the body is.. I guess I just thought she would just be laying on top.

And then at 8:01 am.. our miracle was here. They took her over to the nurses that were to the left of me. I think they do that so I could see her. But I couldnt. Craig was able to go over and get some pictures. And then they let him HOLD her. And bring her over to me. We were not expecting that at all. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. And Craig took her back to the nurses. They told him he could go back with them to the NICU. Another surprise. Craig asked me if he could go with her.. of course.

So there I lay, they start putting me back together, which took a lot longer than taking me a part. And the anathesiologist showed me pictures of a tree house he was making for his daughters that were on his IPhone. I am sure I acted interested, but I can not remember. I was looooopy.

After getting put back together, they took me back to that same stupid holding room. All of my family and friends took turns coming back to visit me. I dont remember a ton of those conversations. However, I was evidently itchy. My mom kept asking me if I needed a kleenex (I dont remember that.. but she has sense told me).. because I just kept itching my nose. Evidently other body parts that I, in the right state of mind, would not normally tell people that it itched. But I did. And I guess I said it alot. Oh. My.

Craig took everyone up to see my daughter. And I got to see pictures. I was a bit jealous. But so glad that she knew she was loved.

After FOUR hours, I got a room... evidently they were stripping the floors in my hospital room. Again, it was almost like I was a surprise to them. Again, I was not at Mercy anymore.

My hospital room was ridiculously hot too, and they couldnt find me a fan. After they told me I needed to try to eat something.. aka chicken broth and lime jello.. and my friends had to exit the room so that I could throw up.. I was a bit more forceful in my request for a fan. In fact, I think I said, "I dont care if you have to go to Walmart, you HAVE to get me a fan". Somehow a fan miraculously appeared. But not until they took it out of the box and said, "when you leave, make sure and bring this home with you..we charged you". Of course you did... of course you did. Right along with those massive pad like diapers and meshy panties. Just add it to my bill. :)

I didnt get to go see my daughter that first day, because I wasn't going to the bathroom enough. Me, who can go the bathroom at any point of the day, wasnt making enough urine. Seriously?!

But I finally was able to get up around 3 am... thanks to the amazing girdle that I am sure was charged to my account, wasnt so bad.

But coming from a mom who has had a baby both ways... the C-Section loses as my favorite way to have a baby. But, it was the safest way for baby McKinley to arrive, so I am thankful that we knew in advance so we could plan for this C-Section.

McKinley's birth day was a bit different, but was still just as wonderful! We sure love our baby girl, and words can't explain how thankful we are for her safe delivery.


Kristina said...

My sister told me that "embarassing situation" happened to her to, in the OR, Lol! :)