Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McKinley Beth Smith: Day One

Guest documentarian of a long and hectic and fantastic day: the husband and father.

Reason for guest documentarian: usual author is high on tylenol laced with codeine.

McKinley Beth Smith was born at 8:01AM at Children's hospital in OKC on June 21, one day before her momma's birthday. She weighed in at 5lbs, 7.0 ounces and was 18 and 3/4 inches long. She placed some strong 9's on the APGAR.

McKinley Beth has had a long day. For a first day on the planet outside of her womby comfort zone, she was poked and prodded and tested and had wires running inside and outside of everything. What a traumatic day. But what a perfect baby girl. There was a parade of loved ones who just couldn't wait to see her. She is so strong. Just like her momma.

Quick Danielle update: she did great. She was in recovery for four hours waiting for a room. Apparently they were waxing the floor and in the rooms. But momma was strong and has started pumping and is producing that liquid gold that will help keep McKinley healthy, happy and sassy. The C section went smoothly and after no issues with the anesthesia Big Daddy was ushered in, careful not to view "the procedure" already under way. Ten minutes after sitting at momma's head we heard the sweet little cry from our baby girl. I got up to clean and watch the Fighter start out her life. I got to hold her and let her mom peek at her and kiss her head. Then Big Daddy went upstairs to watch them take care of McKinley and The Momma was sewn up and went into recovery, where the floors never need a nice waxing.

McKinley threw a nice fit, to show off her lung capacity. It was great. And MAN can that girl suck on things. She went to TOWN on the nurse's pinkie! They cleaned her up. And placed her on a nice warming pad. She is resting comfortably, well when they aren't poking and prodding her anyway. She is gorgeous and glorious. Such a gracious and strong little girl. And she is sleeping on a cute little pink pad.

WARNING: MEDICAL TALK AHEAD. If you have a weak stomach, skip to the next picture. The omphalocele is as big as a golf ball. It has a clear membrane and inside it is bowel, intestine. No other major organs. The hole in the abdominal wall is small and right now Dr. Letton thinks he can make it look pretty much like a belly button. He was VERY optimistic about the size and contents of the omphalocele. It was wrapped and awaits further attention from the very skilled team of doctors. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will see the end of the omphalocele era this week.

The mass or blob on the ultra sounds was a collection of gel-like fluid collecting in the umbilical chord that was sort of damned up by the omphalocele. That is also attached to the omphalocele but it is not actually touching it, so if the gel was to rupture or leak, it won't hurt the O or the Squeaker at the other end.

Her heart echo came back normal. MAJOR plus. Her ultra sound shows a strong spine (from the Wulf side of the family, no doubt) and good kidneys. They are also monitoring her blood sugar since babies with omphaloceles can see the blood sugar levels drop quickly. So far she is showing great numbers there.

The attached a PICC line which will help draw blood and get nutrition to her without having to use her digestive system, since much of it is in a clear membrane attached to her tummy. The PICC line has yet to get into the position they want for it to be in, so they will push some more fluid through it in hopes to get it further in where they want it to be. The PICC is sort of like an IV except it goes in through a major artery in the arm and runs all the way around the shoulder and into the body. It is hard for a Squeaky Fighter to pull that out.

They had an IV in her little left hand but the skin on her wrist got puffy. They flushed the IV and the area blanched so they pulled it out. Now I can hold her hand without any chords there. There is a tube running into her stomach to suck out all the junk that is in there. She has been wrestling with that nuisance all day too. They had to get out the strong white tape to keep it in place because she is too strong for the wimpy clear stuff.

She is in the NICU and they will continue to lead out in taking care of her and we await some doctors telling us when they want to schedule surgery.

Her perfect right ear seems a bit under-developed but it is as cute as the dickens. Right now they have not seen an opening but that doesn't mean there is no canal there and that they can't take care of it. But is THAT is all we have to worry about with an omphalocele than we are richly and double blessed. Her color was always great. Her hair is fuzzy on top with some thick darker hair on the back of her head. She does not have the Wulf cleff chin or the Smith toe freckle yet. But she does bear a striking resemblance to her brother, Jackson.

Most importantly. This baby girl is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT. I made over 20 visits to her room with visitors and I am head over heels for her already. She is strong and perfect and sweet and amazing. There is no way you will NOT be charmed by this beautiful and sweet baby. I may be in big big trouble here. But the one that is in the most trouble is her Poppa, Danielle's dad Dan. He lets Jackson get away with anything. This girl will always have a get out of jail free card named Poppa.

I will close with one last picture of her. She has had a long day and momma needs some rest too. If you have not yet visited, maybe wait until Thursday unless you have already worked out a time with The Momma or the Big Daddy. The Momma needs to rest tomorrow. A steady stream of well wishers, who were all truly smitten by that Angel, kept momma company all day. We are grateful and blessed.

Without further ado, McKinley Beth Smith:


Kendra said...

What a blessing!! I am so happy to read her miraculous story. What a blessing from our Almighty God she is! My cousin, Jennifer Milam is nurse practitioner in the NICU. God bless and my prayers continue for precious McKinley and Momma and the rest of the fam.

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Thank you Husband and Daddy for this post! She is amazing and beautiful, I am so happy for the way this day turned out!!! I hope the next picture I see is of her snuggled in her mommys arms!!!!! Congrats on this sweet, sweet girl!

April S said...

Craig and Danielle! Congratulations on a BEAUTIFUL blessing! We will continue to pray for her and you and all the doctors and nurses involoved in taking care of her and Danielle!

Emily said...

This post made me teary. I'm so glad she's doing so well! What a wonderful daddy you have, McKinley... it's SO obvious from this loving post. You are so cute, little girlie!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the whole Smith family! We will continue praying for McKinley and Danielle and their recovery. Great news on the size and contents of the O and the fluid that was of concern. Thank you for posting, Daddy - you did a great job. ~Shannon in SC - mom to 7 yo O "baby" Aidan~

Ronella said...

God is so good! I couldn't help but praise Him and smile as I read this update!!! I am incredibly happy to read how strong she is and how well she is doing. She is so beautiful! Congratulations Smith family!!!

Miranda B said...

What a wonderful and sweet post!

Brooke H said...

What a beautiful miracle! We cannot wait to meet her. This little girl is truly blessed to have such sweet, strong, amazing parents! Watch out daddy because girls do hold a special place in your heart! Can't wait to meet her! Send our love and get well wishes to mommy!

Leslie said...

So thrilled to hear that all is well! Praise the Lord! Congrats on a gorgeous baby girl! Prayers as you move forward to surgery...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift from God! This was a great post, Craig. Thanks so much for letting us all know about your precious baby girl. Take care of both girls today - I look forward to visiting soon but will wait for Danielle to get some rest.

Sheryl K.

Anonymous said...

Isn't GOD AMAZING??? Danielle, she is beautiful! I am so happy for you guys. Continuous prayers from the Cross family,
Lee Ann & Brett too

mgoff said...

Great post Craig. You were truly wonderful yesterday, danielle, jackson and Mckinley are lucky to have such a strong daddy! SO, SO, SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!

Missy said...

Precious, precious, precious! I am so glad to see her and glad to hear that the doctor's are optimistic.
If we move back to the OKC area, our kids are going to totally be friends. :)

Candace said...

Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated. Praying for the whole family!