Wednesday, June 22, 2011

McKinley Beth- Day 2

Sweet McKinley had a good day 2 in the NICU at Childrens. I was able to finally get up and around on my own this morning, so as soon as my mom got here, I took a wheelchair ride up to see my baby girl. This was the first time I had seen her, besides for the second in the delivery room and then of course, the pictures people had taken. (These pictures in this blog were taken by Photography By Elise on the first day of McKinley's life).

Although they had placed a PICC line on Day 1, they were still not able to draw blood from it. So, when Mom and I got to McKinley's room they were drawing labs from her feet. She had not opened her eyes yet for the nurse, but as soon as I got there and talked to her, she opened her eyes. Although, SO precious.. it broke my heart. It made me realize that her whole first day, she never got to hear the voice that she heard the entire time she was in my womb. It made me sad. McKinley needed her mommy.. and Mommy needed McKinley. This encounter started a very emotional day for me. She is absolutely perfect and precious in every way. I loved being up there with her and wanted to stay forever, but physically, I just couldnt. Between the pain and the warmth of the NICU, I was afraid i was going to be sick. I came by down to my room, and was able to take a nap, which was really necessary. And mom stayed with McKinley in her room. She was able to watch the physical therapist change McKinley's wrapping.. sweet baby girl was totally calm and loving being held. While I was napping, I was also crying alot. I wanted to be with my baby. I wanted to hold her. I wanted to be with her, but she is sick. Its just a hard realization. When mom told me the encounter with the physical therapist, and McKinley's desire to be held, my heart broke more.

One of my nurses suggested sleeping with one of McKinley's blankets and then letting her have it in her bed. I loved that idea and so we have done that. I was also able to hold my baby girl this afternoon. It was JUST what I needed. It is not something that they like to do often, because it can make her uncomfortable with her omphalocele and cyst.. but I think the nurse could tell the sense of urgency I felt. I REALLY appreciated it. I just wish I was still holding her. :)

We still do not know the update on her surgery, from what we can gather, they are still hoping for Friday. We are really hoping that it will be soon, so she can start eating. She is really hungry. The nurse that looked at her omphalocele today said that her intestines looked great.. they are pink and they can hear the bowels working. These are such great things! Please pray for a easy surgery as soon as possible.

We still dont know what the plan is for her ear, but it is definitely not as important at this point, as her omphalocele.

Please keep praying for our baby girl. She is so strong. Pray for Craig and I as we continue to walk through these unchartered waters, pray for wisdom and peace. Pray for Jackson.. we sure miss him and need some Jackson time. Pray that he is prepared for his new role as big brother.

We will keep you updated. Love you friends.


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Thanks for updating! She is really, so cute and sweet. I am SO happy you got to hold her today, what an awesome moment. I can't imagine the feelings you are experiencing, but I do know that it will get better. She is amazing and lucky to have you as her mommy! Happy Birthday sweet friend!!

Christy said...

Everytime I wake to nurse Walker, I think of you & pray. For a speedy recovery for you both & for peace & rest until the healing comes. So grateful you got to hold her! Hang in there momma!

Leslie said...

It is so good to hear the updates and know what is going on and how to pray. I am so glad you got to hold her yesterday. I can't imagine how hard it is right now. I agree with Stacy, she is lucky to have such an awesome and amazing Mommy.

Mike Keahbone said...

Praying for you guys! She looks wonderful!!!!

Erin said...

So glad you got to hold your precious girl! Thanks for the updates--praying!

Andi said...

Praying for you Danielle, and Craig, and Jackson, and of course baby McKinley Beth. She is beautiful.