Thursday, May 19, 2011

McKinley Beth- 32 Weeks 1 Day

Baby girl was not very interested in being photographed today. She refused to take her arms away from her face. And when we tried our hardest- like laying me on my side, and poking her, she just got more frustrated and moved her feet to in front of her face too. She showed us. (Thats what you see in the top picture.. her head in the background, her fist at her forehead and then her feet going across her face). Silly girl.

My appointment went pretty well. It started out with me having to weigh (my least favorite part ever), and giving a urine sample. Which is hardly ever a problem for me... WELL, I dropped the cup IN the toilet. So I had to start over. I was so embarrassed, walking out to ask the nurse for a bottle of water because I dropped the WHOLE cup in the toilet. Ugh.

My blood pressure was a bit higher than it normally is. Which stressed me out alittle bit. It still wasnt high.. but it was higher for me. I know that my blood pressure can affect her, so I really want to do everything I can do to keep it lower. I asked Dr. Stanley if he thought it was stress induced. He said it could be. But he also said it could just be because I am pregnant. Regardless, I am going to work on controlling my stress and anxiety. She needs me to.

I told Dr. Stanley that we visited OU.. and I told him it made me really emotional. Basically, I wanted to warn him, that he might have to deal with me emotional on C-Section day. He just kinda laughed at me and said "ok".

McKinley is weighing 4.3 lbs. And her omphalocele is measuring about 4 cm. So it has grown since the last time we looked, 2 weeks ago. But not much. She has gotten bigger too. Her heart was looking great! Her kidneys were still looking good. The fluid levels were right where they need to be. Her brain was looking great. Praise the Lord. Seriously, hearing those words are so encouraging. In fact, Dr. Stanley has scheduled my next ultrasound THREE weeks from now. That, in itself, is an encouragement to Craig and I. He doesnt expect any new surprises between now and then. YAAAAAY! So we will look at her the week before we meet her in person.

I do have to start doing non stress tests twice a week until she is born. What a blessing that I have a doctor, that is doing everything he can to ensure that my baby stays as healthy as possible until her due date.

Another added bonus: I was able to see Dr. Wilks and my favorite nurse Tammie today. It was so great to see both of them and hug their necks. They have been and continue to be such important people in our lives. They are praying for our baby girl.. and it means the absolute world to us.

Even though this situation for McKinley is not ideal, I feel blessed tremendously that we were chosen as her parents, to love her, pray for her and ensure that she gets the best medical help possible. I can NOT wait to meet her.


Anonymous said...

You and Craig will be perfect parents for little McKinley. Knowing that God is in control brings such peace. He wants the best for you and McKinley.
Love you,
Sheryl Kennedy

Marisa said...

What a sweet girl you have there! Praying for you all and thinking about you all the time!!