Friday, March 18, 2011

Momma's Boy

Jackson is becoming quite the momma's boy. And I think its precious.

He has always LOOOOOOOOVED both Craig and I. He has never really preferred one of us over the other (although there were definitely times that he preferred his daddy). He's really easy going. We can leave him with babysitters or family members and he doesn't blink.. its no big deal. It has been quite the blessing. We are thankful for an easy going little boy.

But lately, he WANTS his mommy. Crying whenever I leave, holding onto my neck or legs, not wanting to go to sleep until I get home, things like that. The crying whenever I leave, doesnt last long and doesnt happen EVERY time... I think he just prefers for Craig and I BOTH to be home in the evenings. He just loves his family time. I dont blame him.

He is REALLY funny. Since it is March Madness, we have had alot of basketball on TV. Anytime a game is on, he is "shooting" his own baskets on his basketball goal. Whenever he makes it.. he claps for himself, says "YAAAAAAAAY" and then runs in a circle around our pantry in the kitchen. Sweet boy.

He loooooves our new van. I mean, LOVES it. When I say LOVES, I mean, when we get home, and I have to take him out, it causes a MAJOR meltdown.. and he refuses to move from the laundry room for a quite a while, until he calms down and realizes we are not getting back in the vehicle.

He has the best laugh. THE. BEST.

We have a big week coming up... we go to Dr. Stanley (the high risk doctor) on Monday afternoon.. and then we meet with McKinley's surgeon (Dr. Letton) on Tuesday afternoon. If you think about it, please pray for us on these days... its a heavy way to start the week. I was explaining to my mom, on one hand I am looking forward to meeting Dr. Letton. I think I will feel better meeting him, knowing who will be operating on our newborn. But on the other hand, I just feel like I am going to throw up.. I cant believe we are HAVING to meet a surgeon for our baby. Ugh.

I am starting to get anxious about the c-section. Not about the C-Section surgery itself... about things leading up to it. If you remember my "hidden baby blogs".. I dont do blood/shots/etc well AT. ALL. When I got the epidural with Jackson, I was in labor, my butt felt like it was fixing to fall off, so the least of my concerns was the epidural needle. Well, if I am going to have a scheduled C-Section.. I will not be in labor pain... I feel like I am going to be very anxious about the spinal block. And then to add to that, I will KNOW that I am birthing a sick baby, and although we are doing everything in our power to best understand what to expect, there is NO way to possibly know how everything is going to go that day. THAT MAKES ME VERY ANXIOUS. Its very early for me to feel anxious about that day.

I am also starting to think about when McKinley has surgery... what in the world are we supposed to do when our newborn is in MAJOR surgery. I just dont even know. Moms, if you have had a newborn undergo surgery.. what in the world did you do during that time.....

Thanks for your prayers. Keep them coming.


mckenziegordon said...

All of those anxieties have got to be completely normal! Praying the the Prince of Peace is ever close to you and Craig as the days pass!

April said...

I've obviously never had a sick baby, but when Sarah was sick I cried, prayed and threw up. A lot. You know what? It's OK. The hospital staff is used to all sorts of reactions. Just know so many people are already praying for you all. God's in control. He always is. Just give it to Him and go throw up. ;)

KillerB said...

Danielle-- You may have seen this before but I thought I'd pass it on to you in case you haven't.

This mother beautifully describe's the birth story of her second child. Her child and McKinley have different needs, but this mother's account may still be encouraging to you in that this blog celebrates the many blessings that this little girl has been to her family, and I know that in spite of any anxiety, McKinley will be an example of God's abundant love for your family.

Good luck with your appointments this week!

Lisa H. said...

Hey girl, well as you know I have had a sick baby that had Major Heart surgery at 5 days old. I threw up then prayed & cried & prayed & cried & so on. Having my family & friends with me helped sooo much. God is good all the time. We are praying for this precious baby & her Mommy & Daddy. Love you