Monday, March 21, 2011

McKinley Update 23 Weeks 5 Days

Today we got to see this pretty little baby girl!!!! Can you even believe it? According to my July 13th due date, I am 23 weeks and 5 days. She is measuring 24 weeks 5 days. (I actually agree with that time line more than my due date). We will set a C-Section date closer to time, but Dr. Stanley is thinking we will schedule it around 38 weeks, so the end of June, beginning of July. That will be here before we know it!! I better get busy!!!
The omphalecele is still there. I am not going to lie, every time we go in for the ultrasound, I hope that it wont be there anymore. It IS larger this time than it was 3 weeks ago, although not by much. We found out that it WILL continue to grow with her... although Dr. Stanley believes that it will remain relatively small. In this picture the middle white circle is the omphalecele. The bigger blob to its left, is what has everyone perplexed. That mass is coming off the umbilical cord.. somewhat like a herniated umbilical cord. Dr. Stanley said it could quite possibly just be a jelly coming off the cord, but it could also be part of the omphalecele. We just dont know. He said the only time he has seen something similar to this, was a few years ago. The problems that baby had, are not scientifically attached to an omphalecele in anyway, but we will continue to watch.

McKinley weighs 1 lb 9 oz already. And she is VERY busy. She did not quit moving the entire ultrasound. Although, that may make her a difficult toddler, her strength and movement bring me ALOT of peace right now. Many times, babies with McKinley's conditions have other issues.. heart, genetic, etc. Her heart is looking fantastic. Her feet and hands (which can show signs of genetic disorders) are perfect. Last ultrasound, it looked like one of McKinley's feet was turned in, but there was no sign of that this time.

Overall, it was a good appointment. I have to do that silly glucose test in 3 weeks, I was REALLY hoping I could get out of it. Dr. Stanley reminded me, ever so kindly, that he was not going to let me off the hook..."you are a normal pregnant girl". :)

There is still alot of unknown at this point.. but we feel confident in our doctors and feel blessed at all the GOOD things we can see on her ultrasound.

We meet with Dr. Letton (her surgeon) tomorrow at 2pm. Please continue to pray.

I will update tomorrow. We love you guys.


Tracy and Adam said...

I really hate the glucose stuff, too! No fun! But it sounds like you had an encouraging appointment! Still praying for you all! Thanks for updating. said...

I failed the glucose test the first time and had to take the three and a half hour test. It was awful. I failed three out of the four that time...I officially was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
So glad for all the great news today! We will continue to pray for your baby girls' health. Also praying for a great meeting tomorrow!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the update! I decided that I would just chug the glucose stuff...if I took too long and sipped it I began to realize how thick and nasty it actually was. So CHUG CHUG CHUG, mama!

Erin said...

So glad you had a positive appt! Still praying. Good luck with the glucose test--yuuuuuccck.

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

awww.. she is VERY cute!!!!!