Saturday, February 5, 2011

Play Time

Today, we did not have negative temperatures. And we basically had no wind. And we still had a ton of snow in our front yard, so we figured it would be the best day to let Jackson play. Last year, he was NOT a fan. This year, he LOVED it. In fact, when I had to bring him in, because he was choosing to climb to the TOP of the snow drift, and this pregnant momma was scared to death that I wasnt going to get to him in time if he chose to jump off (which I would not put it past him).... he threw a MAJOR fit.Now, let me explain the hats. Jackson chose this combo. I got out his cute Gap stocking cap that Santa brought him, keeping my fingers crossed that he would keep it on. Hats are not his fave. WELL... if I allow him to ALSO wear his big brother hat from Jodi and Macey Claire.. then he was pleased!!! So this mommy did not argue.
However, we lost both hats before we headed in!!! Sweet boy had a GREAT time! Good thing he loves it.. looks like we are getting more this week!!!