Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

We had such a fun Halloween weekend. And I must say, I had the cutest lobster on the block!!

Here's a little side note, while deciding what we wanted Jackson to be this year, I really loved a lion costume and Craig really loved the lobster costume. Craig made a very valid point, he said, "either we can have the cutest lion or we can have the only lobster". I was sold. We ordered the costume. It came in shortly there after, and I loved it!!! I was at my moms group the following Monday, talking to my new sweet friend, Tami. She said, "I just ordered Elle the CUTEST costume"... you will never guess.. it was the SAME. EXACT. LOBSTER. Come to find out, I think it was the new hot costume this year... because after I talked with Tami, we heard of several other people (not in Newcastle, who had the same great idea that we did!) Sadly, Elle got strep, so she wasnt able to trick or treat with us, so we werent able to get their pictures together.
Thursday at Jackson's school, he had a costume parade with all of his friends, where they trick or treated in the staffs offices. His teachers made him a cute little trick or treat bag. Well, it had stickers on it. And stickers stress Jackson out. (For instance, on Sundays at church, they put stickers on the kids backs, for safety reasons and for the teachers to know who the kids are... Jackson ALWAYS takes EVERY child in his class's stickers off.. EVERY Sunday. They bug him). So, before we could even begin to think about trick or treating we had to take EVERY sticker off of the bag. He really wasnt that into the trick or treating either, I really think he would have done much better, if I had not been there, but he wanted me to hold him and carry him. Which was fine. :)

Then his class had alittle Halloween party. Doesnt he look adorable here? So ready for cookies and grapes. But so. so. so. sleepy!!!
Saturday, my parents came over to take Jackson trick or treating, eat some of Craig's yummy grilled steaks and watch the OU game. We had such a great time!!!

He rode in his car down our street to our friends, the Heskews house, and then we rode back! He did GREAT! He even kept his hat on the whole time!!!!
Then, because it was so nice outside and because the OU game started SO late, we stayed outside and played for a while. It was a perfect perfect night!!!!On Sunday, our church had their first Trunk or Treat. What a blessing it was to our community. It was a great success considering it was our first year, and there were over 800 in attendance. Jackson was NOT in the mood for the event. In fact, I heard many times, "I have never seen this baby cry before"..... he did play one game. You put tennis balls in boots, Jackson LOVED it. However, he could not be the only person to play this game, so when we had to move him, so that other people could play, he got MAD. I think we lasted about 30 minutes. Maybe next year, he will be more in the mood to play! :)

It was a full festive weekend. We are so blessed with a great family and a great church family that we can spend holidays with!


Emily said...

Danielle, he is SO cute. I love his chin dimple!!!!

KillerB said...

Okay, that is a REALLY cute costume.

The Austins said...

I love his cute costume! And, it looks like you all had a great weekend. Fun times!