Wednesday, August 25, 2010

18 month Appointment and First Day of School

Jackson has had a couple of busy days!!! Monday was his 18 month check up at the doctor. He got one of his immunizations and then the first of his two flu shots. He was t.i.c.k.e.d after the shots, but did well. My favorite part of these appointments are seeing how much he has grown. He is now weighing 22 lbs 6 oz (9th percentile), he is 32 1/4 inches tall (49%), and his head his still in the 64%. He's still little.. but he's eating well, so he is just fine!!! :)
(For some reason my pictures came out blurry... boo)

But Tuesday, Jackson started back to Joyful Noise. Joyful Noise is the weekday education program at our church. It is an absolutely wonderful ministry of our church, and continues to grow in numbers. This year, there are DOUBLE the number of kids from last year. Jackson was so excited to start school! It really felt like I was sending him to school this year, instead of last year, when I was there with him. It was a strange feeling.He had all his supplies with him. Backpack and lunch box from Pottery Barn Kids and Napmat from Etsy.

Ok, lets talk about the napmat. He needs that, because his class is required to sleep on COTS. COTS. My son does not lay still EVER unless he is in the safety of his crib. He is just too busy. There is just too much to do. Too much to see. I was really concerned about this. I was not worried at all about him being sad that I left him. I knew he would be just fine. He is one SOCIAL child.

Well, when I picked him up from school today, I knew something didnt go quite according to plan, when I saw that Jackson's napmat was the only one in his basket in the hallway. When I got to his classroom, his teachers looked absolutely 100% exhausted. A mom cut in front of me (side note: do you ever witness a situation where you then think.. yea.. that is probably not going to be one of my friends... ever.. yeah that was my thought). My sweet friend, Emily, is now the director of the program, and she was holding Jackson. I asked her how he did, and she was sooooo sweet and politically correct when saying, "well we are going to have to be strategic with him during nap time". Translation: he was the problem napper. Evidently, he would lay down, and then get back up, try to wake up sleeping children and even tried to PLAY CATCH with a child who was sleeping. I called my mom immediately when I got to the car. She said that he is learning, and today was the first step in his process of learning to sleep on a cot. I sure hope so, because I do know that his teachers are NOT going to love him very much if they have problems with him every day at nap time.

Other than that, his first day was perfect. And as I write this, he is sleeping peacefully in his crib.


Emily said...

Danielle, he is so cute. BTW, I cannot imagine how you can keep a busy 18 month old on a cot. I'm actually impressed any of them stayed on their cots! I can guarantee if we lived by you I'd be a mommy of a "problem napper" too.

coco said...

haha! cute. i can just imagine him too busy to sleep at school. he's such a sweet boy even if he is a "problem napper". how could you not love him? i loved your side note about the other mom as a friend. that happens to me as well! too funny.