Monday, July 5, 2010

Super Summer Week 3 2010

Thats right, my friends, this is a beautiful scene from Super Summer Week 3 2010! Yes, I am an adult, but I still loved it just the same, as when I was as student attending Super Summer. Things sure have changed! No more recreation every afternoon on the track, or on the field behind Sarkeys, with the "rec crew" telling us what to do with megaphones... now they have break out sessions. Which I really think the students like more.. and its alot cleaner. :)

Now instead of all churches going one week, they have 3 separate weeks, with a total of over 2500 students attending!
No longer can they shoot you with water balloons when you arrive... instead, this year, we hit in the chapel.. and when my hubby said a key word, we all JUMPED up, screamed and attacked the students. Reminded me ALOT of Welcome Week... which of course equals good memories.

These pictures are taken during the Thursday rally... the only day that they really do their cheers and chants. Craig hosted the Thursday rally, week 3, and since Ced Enough helped lead worship during the week.. our students got treated to a mini little Ced concert. :) And of course, our school was the only one to get a standing ovation (I am very aware, it could have been due to feeling sorry for us, since we had so few students... .more on that later)Craig is on the Super Summer Board, so he normally doesnt work with one specific school... but Week 3, they didnt have enough youth ministers with experience to dean all of the schools, so Craig was asked to be the dean of the purple school. All of the schools are broken down by grades... except for purple school. The purple school is for students who have graduated or completed 11th grade and feel called the ministry. It is always a smaller school...we had 20 students. And it was PEEERFECT!! With a smaller group, it was easy for the students to open up, and discuss. I was very impressed with the caliber of students. Really really really neat!But as quality as the Purple School students were... these are my most favorite students of all! Seriously, this group of students is such a blessing to Craig, Jackson and I! I love their hearts and their passion for learning more about their relationship with Christ!

In the evening worship service, Chris Plekenpol was our speaker.. he is a representative from I Am Second. He is EXTREMELY passionate about "making disciples"... leading people to Christ. God really used him that week to encourage our students to step out of their comfort zone and lead their friends to Christ. Denver Duncan and Ced Enough led worship our week, and they did a tremendous job. They introduced this Matt Maher song to us, Christ is Risen. There is NOTHING like worshiping with hundreds of students... NOTHING.


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