Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ward and Reeses Rehearsal Dinner

Ward and Reese LOVE mexican food (who doesn't?!?!?), so they decided they wanted their Rehearsal dinner at Teds. It was such a fun celebration of the two of them and their lives up to this point. They showed a video of each of them growing up (which selfishly, I LOVED.. because I saw sooo many pictures of my brother, that reminded me of Jackson in some ways!) We were reminded that you REALLY can meet someone when you least expect it.. as Ward and Reese did! And we were reminded through stories, of just how perfect they are for eachother. I know, that I could not have picked a more perfect girl for my brother.
Mom did an awesome job getting the stuff ready to decorate for the rehearsal dinner. I was so bad and didn't take pictures. But she made super cute paper poms that hung over the food and drink tables in orange and turquoise. She found really cute fabric from Hobby Lobby that she put over the white table cloths that Teds provided (instead of Mexican blankets!). Each table had a bright colored lantern. And the head table had a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Mom worked hard and it looked really really really GREAT!

There were about 65 people at the rehearsal dinner, all so important and loved by each of our families!
I had so much fun catching up with Macey Claire and Elizabeth!My brother and sister in law and nieces were able to come also!! I love them. :)A love connection happened between the flower girl and the ring bearer! They talked about Jesus, discussed their ages, held hands, and sat together at dinner. They even had to go to the bathroom at the same time. :) I LOVE that my brother is the groom!!! Now on to the big day!!!