Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting Ready! Part 1. (Im sorry, I took ALOT of pictures!)

After the rehearsal dinner, Reese invited her bridesmaids to spend the night! Her mom had these adorable cookies made to celebrate!! Reese opened a few gifts and then I had the privelage of getting to really know her friends. They are GREAT girls.. I wish I had thought to video them. They have a song LITERALLY for anything that is said. I was completely entertained the entire night by these girls! We got up around 9, her friends serenaded her with a rendition (maybe from Beauty and the Beast?!?!), that included her rooms balcony and dancing. We had yummy bagels and THEN we began to get beautiful!We got ready in Reese's moms bathroom. It was perfect. The lady in the pink put on our face makeup. From her, I learned, that although I have really great skin right now, if I keep tanning, I will not. I let her know that my tanning was only due to the special occassion of Ward and Reese's wedding. I am not SURE she was ok with that answer. So then I proceeded to tell her that tan fat is prettier than white fat. To that, she agreed.
The lady at the front of the picture in the black, worked the magic of our eyes. She did a great job. From her, I learned, that I do not drink ample enough water, "by the way my skin moves". I quickly went and got a bottle of water when I was done. She was proud.This sweet girl did our hair. She did a really great job on everyone's. From her, I learned, that I have alot of hair. I didnt actually JUST learn that, but she did mention it.. I guess when you see my hair it looks deceptively more thin than it really is.Alright! We are all beautiful! Lets get you to that church and get you MARRIED!!!


KillerB said...

Somehow your blog disconnected from my newsfeed so I haven't seen any of your recent posts-- you must be so proud of your brother the groom!